Splash and other face masks of the new generation

There are a lot of facial masks - nourishing, moisturizing, cleansing, moisturizing, rejuvenating, clay, tissue ... It seems that it is difficult to surprise with something new, but beauty brands always come up with something that even the most advanced of us want experience the new properties and effectiveness of the tool.

Green Mud Mask and Black Mud Mask, I'm Sorry for My Skin

The first clay masks, released on a comfortable fabric basis. Get rid of any hassle associated with the application, dilution and removal of clay masks. You simply apply a fabric impregnated with natural clay and other caring components onto the face, wait until it is completely dry and remove it. Yes, traces of clay may remain on the skin, but they will be quite a bit - it is enough to wipe the skin with tonic, lotion or micellar water. In addition to convenience, Green Mud Mask and Black Mud Mask have excellent caring properties: they cleanse the skin of excess sebum, tighten pores, relieve inflammation, relieve dryness and peeling,as a result, the skin looks much prettier, fresher and healthier.

Splash and other face masks of the new generation

Green Mud Mask, I'm Sorry for My Skin (650 rub.)Black Mud Mask fabric mask, I'm Sorry for My Skin (650 rub.)

Splash Masks Patting Water Pack, Blithe

The Korean beauty industry is always ahead of the rest of the world, and it is she who owns a good part of the original inventions, which are picked up by other famous cosmetic brands. Here and this time Korea came up with a completely new, slightly incomprehensible, but very tempting product - slash masks. What it is? It's simple: splash masks work for a record 15 seconds, promising to dramatically improve the structure of the skin. One tool contains both light peeling and total moisturizing. It looks like a new miracle remedy as a tonic, so they just need to wipe the skin, then sprinkle the face with running water and wait for complete natural absorption. In an instant, the skin becomes smooth, soft, moisturized, refreshed, radiant; its tone is aligned, pores are narrowed. Currently in the range of Blithe 3 types of splash masks: tonic Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey with citrus and honey, soothing Soothing & Healing Green Tea with tea tree oil and renewing Rejuvenating Purple Berry with juice of berries. Choose to your taste - and go ahead, try a novelty on yourself!

Splash Mask Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey Patting Water Pack, Blithe

Splash mask Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey Patting Water Pack, Blithe (3 300 rub.)

Alginate Mask Rubber Mask, Dr. Jart

Alginate masks - a real find for the beauty industry. Prior to the development of the Rubber Mask, alginate solutions were necessary to mix with water, besides, after such a miracle, it was sometimes necessary to go to the cosmetology office, which is not always convenient. Now, thanks to the invention of Dr. Jart can get full salon care at home. Rubber Mask is convenient to apply and remove, and the result of its application is not worse than after professional care: a firm lifting effect, deep nourishment and moisturizing of the skin, stimulation of metabolic processes and collagen production, effective control of any skin defects, pronounced bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. After a single use of Rubber Mask, you can notice that the inflammation on the face became less pronounced, all the redness was gone, glossy grease disappeared, the pores became much narrower, and the fine wrinkles were smoothed out.

Alginate mask Rubber Mask, Dr. Jart

Alginate mask Rubber Mask, Dr. Jart (1 905 rub.)

Night Mask Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack Black Tea, Etude House

The mask has not only an unusual packaging design, but also a rather interesting bubble-like consistency, which makes facial care even more fun and effective at night.Bubbles "help" the skin to breathe, enrich it with oxygen and give it a healthy glow and a well-groomed appearance. The use of the mask is quite simple: take out the gel from the jar by taking several capsules with a special spoon, then crush the bubbles and mix them with the gel itself. Distribute the mask on the face, leaving it at night, and go to bed. The agent will act at night, supply cells with oxygen, strengthen blood vessels, activate cellular processes and improve blood microcirculation. In the morning, do not forget to wash off the mask with ordinary water and admire the amazing result - renewed skin without a trace of fatigue, oily sheen and dehydration. By the way, the mask smells very tasty too, which adds to it even more advantages!

Night Mask Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack Black Tea, Etude House

Night Mask Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack Black Tea, Etude House (1 670 rub.)

Magnetight magnetic mask Age-defier, Dr. Brandt

This is not a mask - this is a real exciting game that everyone will want to play! In its composition - iron powder, peptides, essential oils and other components aimed at rejuvenation and skin tightening. By the way, it is due to the formation of a kind of powder after application that the mask is removed not just with ordinary water or lotion, but with the help of a special magnet attached to the jar.Wrapping a magnet in a napkin, swipe over a frozen mask, and it will fall off. This is just some kind of magic! Together with the metal powder, any impurities will be removed from the skin, and due to the magnetic effect, a stable lifting effect is provided, the hypertonicity of the muscles is reduced, and microcurrents are created that improve collagen production. Regular use of the product guarantees a pronounced anti-aging effect, comparable to salon procedures.

Magnetight magnetic mask Age-defier, Dr. Brandt

Magnetight magnetic mask Age-defier, Dr. Brandt (5 775 rub.)

Oxygen mask Detox Face Mask, Malin + Goetz

The innovative mask is famous not only for its amazing results, but also for its stunning special effects: when it touches the air, it starts to bubble, turning into a thick foam. Enveloping every cell of the skin, the tool creates the feeling that the face was dipped in soft cream or a fluffy cloud. Bursting the bubbles pleasantly tickle the skin, providing a real micro massage. The composition of the beauty news includes vitamin C, which stabilizes the skin, vitamin E, which has an antioxidant effect, soy protein, which strengthens the dermis frame, improves its structure and delays the inevitable aging process, almond extract, which gently cleanses and soothes, giving the skin a natural radiance.Thanks to natural ingredients and successfully developed formula, the mask really transforms the face even after a single application, making the skin smooth, smooth, well-groomed, giving the face a fresh glow.

Oxygen mask Detox Face Mask, Malin + Goetz

Oxygen mask Detox Face Mask, Malin + Goetz (3,900 rubles)

Cryomask Thirstymud, GlamGlow

Cryomasks are a real must-have for owners of sensitive skin prone to rosacea. This product uses only effective components that relieve puffiness, refresh, regulate the production of sebum and pleasantly prick the skin when applied, improving microcirculation. You will really be pleasantly amazed by the appearance of your skin after this mask - it can even return the face radiance and freshness after a sleepless night and a long party. And in the summer cryomask will be a real salvation for girls with skin prone to fat and inflammation. Test on yourself the best achievements of cosmetic cryotherapy without leaving your home!

Cryomask Thirstymud, GlamGlow

Cryomask Thirstymud, GlamGlow (4,800 rubles)

Four-component mask 4 IN 1 KIT Zone System Mask, Double Dare OMG!

This is a very convenient and multifunctional complex of masks, with the best characteristics for the simultaneous care of all facial areas.Only one mask contains:

  1. A soft hydrogel patch around the eyes with 24-carat gold, which helps to restore turgor, fights mimic wrinkles and crow's feet, nourishes delicate and thin skin with valuable nutritional components.
  2. The mask with charcoal on the basis of white clay for cleaning the T-zone, which effectively cleanses the skin from any impurities, removes slags and toxins, and regulates the production of sebum.
  3. Clay mask for the U-zone, which nourishes the skin cells with vitamins and minerals, improving its tone, leveling the color and giving it a natural glow.
  4. Moisturizing cream finish, which thanks to an active formula and nutritional ingredients contributes to deep hydration of the skin, restoring moisture and enhancing metabolic processes in cells.

4 IN 1 KIT Zone System Mask is a complete illustration of “in one bottle” multimasking that you should try to experience for yourself in order to be on the wave of modern trends.

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