Sports bra - a tribute to style or necessity?

Sports bra - a tribute to style or necessity?Awareness of the female half of humanity of the prospects of playing sports to maintain beauty and health has led to the fact that a rare woman does not devote time to playing sports, ranging from light morning and evening jogs, and ending with fitness and strength exercises in gyms and specialized sports clubs.
Unfortunately, we have to admit that the majority of sports fans, having joined this useful occupation, mainly pay attention to outerwear and shoes. At the same time, they forget that clothing items hidden from prying eyes, especially underwear for sports, must also perform their functions flawlessly. Otherwise, it can lead to uncomfortable sensations, and in some situations - and to irreparable consequences.
Due to the characteristics of female physiology, sports bras are of particular importance in the preservation of female beauty and health.Possessing even insignificant mass and inertia, the mammary glands, not consisting of dense muscle mass, while running, jumping, performing intense sports movements, exercises with considerable amplitude, by virtue of their structure and action of the laws of physics somewhat lag behind the movements of the body. This leads to violations of the structure of particularly delicate skin, as well as invisible to the eye injuries that a woman does not feel.
However, the long and invisible impact of these factors in all cases without exception leads to the emergence of microstretches that change the shape of the breast, which itself cannot be restored without a definite intervention. In order to avoid such consequences, it is highly recommended to wear a sports bra when performing sports exercises, participating in sports and jogging.
Sports bra - a tribute to style or necessity?

Requirements for sports bras

These include:

  • increased maintenance capacity;
  • enhanced fixation;
  • uniform load distribution;
  • maintaining freedom of movement;
  • elimination of vessel squeezing;
  • providing freedom to intensive breathing;
  • use of hypoallergenic and "breathing" fabrics with absorbing (absorbing) properties;
  • increased strength;
  • softness and elasticity;
  • absence or minimum number of stitches;
  • fasteners maximum reliability.

Sports bra - a tribute to style or necessity?

Varieties of sports bras

According to the method of fixation and the degree of support, sports bras are divided into types:

  1. compressive. Characterized by the absence of cups and stones. Made from the most elastic fabrics, suitable for small sizes;
  2. supportive. They are made according to the “classical” scheme, have cups, they are preferable for medium and large sizes;
  3. soft. Used for training with a small load, walking, easy jogging, rollerblading and cycling, exercise at the gym, yoga;
  4. average. Used in aerobics, tennis, badminton, squash, cross-country skiing and skating;
  5. strong. Required under intensive loads, at the discharge, semi-professional and professional levels of sports disciplines.


How to choose a sports bra?

Sports bra - a tribute to style or necessity?
When choosing a bra for sports, you should decide on the type of bra you need, taking into account the degree of your loads and their intensity.
Of course, color, style and aesthetics are important.But the main thing is to ensure the effectiveness of protective functions. In view of this, the purchase of a sports bra without fitting is undesirable.
Fitting is not recommended three days before and after menstruation due to an increase in the size of the mammary glands during this period. Any discomfort is unacceptable. When fitting, it is desirable to make a number of movements characteristic of the type of sports activities, during which the underwear will be used.
No need to stop at the first fitting. It is necessary to estimate several models and choose not too free, but not too close. Do not choose a bust for sports, made of pure cotton.
Cotton does not provide those qualities that are necessary for a sports bra.
Sport is health, but with the right approach to wearable clothing.

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