Storage Organizer

So that things lay neatly and it was always possible to find them, we offer you a master class on creating an organizer with your own hands at home.

The organizer can be used to store:

socks or underwear in the closet;

  • creative accessories;
  • children's toys;
  • in the pantry for storage of household items;
  • for charging mobile devices and various gadgets.

Materials and tools:

- scissors;

- cardboard box;

- beautiful fabric (or wrapping paper with a beautiful pattern);

- lining or silk fabric;

- double sided tape;

In this master class the box has the following parameters: width = 56 cm, length 43 cm, height 11 cm.

  1. Take the usual cardboard box from under the laptop, TV, microwave. For the size of the cabinet or shelf, make a mark on the box. We cut off the unnecessary parts at the box, do not throw them out, they will still be useful to us. There remains a basis with which we will work.
  2. We apply the box to a beautiful fabric so that we can wrap a box with fabric from all sides and there is enough fabric to close the side parts on the inside of the box, we cut the rest.On the inside of the box we glue the double-sided tape and cut. Separate the outer strip, attach the fabric and thus it is fixed. So do on all sides of the box.
  3. Put lining or silk fabric on the bottom of the box to hide the box itself.
  4. The next step is to make dividers for the box. Measure the length and height of the box, cut off from the rest of the box. So that the dividers are beautiful, we glue them over with a cloth. Apply the edge of the box to the fabric and see that the fabric is enough throughout the brtiku, the rest cut off. Glue double-sided tape to the side of the box, separate the outer strip and glue the fabric. In this way we do as many separators as you think is necessary for your organizer.

Separators can be simply put into the organizer, they will separate one thing from another, or you can fix them in the organizer using scotch tape.

Organizer is ready and now all things will be stored in their places!

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