Summer version of trousers

It is worth noting that the summer season of 2016 recommends to purchase trousers of bright color. You can even use acid colors. As for the length, the latest fashionable discovery was the use of the length of seven eighths. But such a length can go far on every fashionista. The length of seven-eighths is rather specific, therefore it is most suitable for girls of high stature. For girls of low or medium height it is better to abstain from such length, since visually the trousers make the legs even shorter.

Pants on the floor, flared from the knee, are considered to be another trend that has returned from the days of the fashionable trend - hippies. The most interesting is that denim this season is not welcome for the creation of such pants. It is best to use cotton or linen with a low content of synthetics. In combination with sandals on a high platform, this option is able to visually stretch height and give shape to the body of elegance and femininity.

In addition, a jeans model for trousers called “Buggy” was created for young people.As a rule, the armhole between the trousers is lowered to the knees. Sometimes this option is quite reminiscent of the hip-hop style. Due to the fact that these pants imply a rather loose fit, they are perfect for any type of figure. But, as for footwear, in combination with such trousers it is best to use T-shirts or lightweight fabric sneakers.

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