Summer work clothes: what criteria should meet

Security organizations, industrial, utilities and commercial enterprises - in these and some other areas of activity there are certain requirements for the appearance of employees. One of them is wearing special work clothes.

What is workwear?

Special clothing is a means of personal protection that can protect human health from exposure to harmful or dangerous factors. When choosing a form it is necessary to take into account several factors at once. One of them - the specifics of the enterprise, the second - seasonality. Accounting for these two parameters allows you to choose a convenient form that protects employees as much as possible from all adverse factors.

Specificity of summer workwear

Summer is a season of high temperatures. Therefore, when choosing working clothes for this time of year, it is necessary to pay maximum attention to the hygienic properties of materials.For sewing the form, you can use only natural or blended fabrics that are well breathable and absorb moisture. Despite the fact that summer clothes for employees must have high levels of breathability, it can not be thin. It must fully ensure the safety of working people. Equally, these two qualities, breathability and density, have cotton, greta and moleskine. Overalls made from these fabrics are the best option for both industrial applications and active recreation. Some specialties require increased security measures. For them, manufacturers produce a form impregnated with a special solution. After that, not only the durability of clothing, but also its protective properties are increased. After impregnation, the fabrics become resistant to water and oils. A feature of this treatment of materials is that it does not evaporate even after repeated washing. Impregnation compositions are developed taking into account the specifics of a particular specialty.

Types of workwear for various types of work

The choice of clothing is determined by the conditions of workplaces at a particular enterprise. By design, the form differs on models for security companies, law enforcement agencies and various working specialties. Another criterion of classification is the necessary type of protection. Costumes designed to minimize exposure are in greatest demand:

  • industrial pollution;
  • high humidity;
  • chemicals;
  • high or low temperatures.

On the website similar models are presented in a very wide range. In addition, special clothing is completed with mittens, gloves, helmets and helmets. Summer special clothing should combine convenience and functionality. The last parameter in suits for various specialties is achieved in different ways. One of the key features of the form for road workers is signaling. Clothing not only protects a person from unfavorable climatic factors, but also makes it as visible as possible on the roadway. Provide this effect special signal vests with reflective stripes.For maximum contrast, it is recommended to use them with dark, monotonous working suits. For professionals who work in conditions of increased danger (high temperature), the best clothing option is a working suit with special impregnation with a fire-resistant compound. After processing, the fabric becomes more resistant to aggressive factors of impact, it is notable for its durability. If we speak in general about working clothes, along with suits, semi-overalls are becoming more popular. If necessary, they are supplemented with a jacket, and the result is comfortable and functional clothing not only for summer, but also for the demi-season period. Bib overalls are a universal option for mechanics, builders, installers, etc. Almost all of their styles provide for several roomy pockets to accommodate the necessary tools.

Important little things: buttons, zippers, fasteners ...

When choosing summer workwear, its fittings are important - zippers, zippers, buttons. Special requirements are imposed on it, since all elements must be distinguished by high reliability.Only in this way they will be able to fulfill their key function - ensuring prompt removal and dressing of uniforms. Another important point is that the accessories for costumes should not have protruding parts. Neglect of this rule may result in injury to workers. In manufacturing or construction, there is always a risk of something to cling to and lose balance. In addition, the protruding parts of the clasps can become a place of detention of dangerous or harmful components.

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