Tapestries with religious motifs

What to give to a deeply believing person so that the gift truly pleases him? This question at least once life comes before most of us. One of the most successful options, no doubt, are tapestries with religious motifs. Such a gift will not only decorate the interior, but will also bring special grace to the atmosphere of the room.

Handmade tapestry

It must be said that woven icons have long been popular with people. However, earlier, only wealthy citizens could afford to become the owner of a woven canvas depicting the face of saints or with a story from the Bible. Over the centuries, tapestries were woven by hand and it took many months to create one painting. As for materials, the masters used the best threads, among which gold and silver prevailed. Often in the role of jewelry used precious stones. All this led to the fact that the cost of tapestries on religious themes was too heavy for the average citizen.Often, woven icons became a true family heirloom, which was passed down over the centuries from generation to generation. If any wealthy citizen wanted to atone for his sins, then it was enough for him to donate a tapestry to the church, the cost of which was equal to a sufficiently large state.

Tapestries today - high quality and reasonable price

Modern textile industry has mastered the technology of manufacturing tapestries, as a result of which their cost has significantly decreased. As for the aesthetic and functional qualities, they remained almost at the same level. This, of course, is now about the products of those textile workers who care about their reputation and do not allow themselves to produce low-quality products. They do not decorate their products with precious stones, but the raw materials for them are chosen only by the highest quality and beautiful ones.

So, you have decided to present a tapestry with a religious motif as a gift and you do not know how to choose it correctly? There are simple rules by which you can choose the product that will please the hero of any celebration.

1. Size.The canvas must be of such a size that it can fit on the open part of the wall. It is unacceptable that even a small part of the tapestry was hidden behind any other element of the interior, whether it be furniture, curtains, etc.

2. The color solution. When choosing a woven icon or panel with a religious plot, consider the color composition of the dwelling of the person for whom you are choosing a gift. The colors that prevail in the interior and the tapestry colors must be combined.

3. The plot. If you choose a gift for a child, then preference can be given to angels or biblical scenes, which in addition to angels depict animals and beautiful nature. For adults, it is best to choose serious stories or faces of saints.

4. Rules of care. Ask the seller how difficult it is to care for your chosen model. No matter how beautiful the tapestry was, but if it is difficult to take care of it, it is better to choose another product.

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