Chang-Shu Slimming Tea - Composition, Useful Properties, Restrictions

In the modern pharmacological market, a newest drug appeared long ago for getting rid of those extra pounds of fragrant exclusive slimming tea Chang-Shu. Fragrant drink helps to lose weight, returns beauty, youth, gives health and stamina.

The use of Chang-Shu tea has its own characteristics. It is necessary to consider in detail the composition, beneficial properties, restrictions to use. Despite the diverse opinions of admirers and the negative reviews of ill-wishers of the drink, tea from Chinese alternative medicine works great for losing weight.

What is this drink?

Elite blue tea grows in China, Thailand, Nepal, it is also called Cambodian, Tibetan, as the plant is grown in these countries. On the photo of Wikipedia, you can see how the plant looks.

Blue herbal tea, he is Anchan, he is Chang Shu purple tea is a thin herbaceous tea liana several tens of meters in length with bright green leaves and bluish flowers. When inflorescences are brewed, a natural, wholesome tea is produced with an unusual saturated color of blue.

The botanical name of the plant from which to get blue tea for weight loss is clitoria trifoliate. In Chinese, it is also called Anchan or Chang-Shu. It grows throughout Southeast Asia, is widely used in scientific, traditional and alternative medicine in Asian countries.

Tea liana grows in ecologically clean mountainous areas at an altitude of more than 3000 m above the sea. Tibet healers, Chinese monks and farmers from Nepal pick tea flowers twice a year. The collection and drying of plants takes place manually, since the highlands preclude the use of agricultural equipment.

Very bright color of flowers can vary depending on the type of liana: from purple to rich blue and purple. The inner side of the flower is colored yellowish. When brewing dried flowers of Chang-Shu tea, the drink acquires a characteristic bluish tint.The drink in question has entered the top of popular first-class teas called Beauty Blue Tea.
Contents of Chang-Shu Tea

What are the useful components of the flowers?

Chang-Shu phytonutrient for weight loss has an unusual taste and strong flavor. But this is not its main advantage. The composition of the healing drug is so rich that it seems that the remedy helps with various diseases. The immediate ingredients are:

  • Synephrine - increases lipid metabolism, converts adipose tissue, contributes to its breakdown. In the process of this reaction, a large amount of energy is formed. The substance acts on the subcutaneous fat deposits and visceral fat of internal organs;
  • Catechins - are antioxidants, prevent the biological oxidation of the body, slow down the aging reaction of the body. The substances are contained in many tea beverages from herbs, they are included in this tea for weight loss. This component is involved in the metabolism of fat, reduces body weight. Catechins strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve blood circulation, prevent the appearance of atherosclerosis plaques and reduce blood glucose levels;
  • Vitamin P or bioflavonoid - is involved in the assimilation of vitamin C,strengthens the walls of small capillaries, prevents allergic reactions, internal bleeding, slows the growth of tumor cells;
  • Methylxanthines (including caffeine) - increase fat metabolism by saturating tissues with oxygen and nutrients, remove excess fluid from the body;
  • Tannin - has tannic, toning and bactericidal properties, eliminates heavy metal salts, has a sedative effect on nerve cells;
  • Dopamine - acts on the area of ​​the brain responsible for fat burning, normalizes this process. In addition, the appearance of satiety is accelerated, a smaller portion is needed for complete saturation, slimness comes faster than usual.

Tibetan tea Chang Shu contains more luteins. This is the yellow pigment of flowers, fruits, leaves in many plants. The human body needs lutein for the eyes, it is contained in the retina, increases visual acuity. The component in question protects the eyes from the harmful effects of the blue and violet spectrum, which lutein absorbs and prevents the formation of free radicals.

What are the healing properties?

The composition of Tibetan purple tea Chang-Shu includes biologically active components that accelerate metabolism, normalize fat metabolism. Accelerated lipid breakdown helps overweight people cope with the problem.

The beneficial properties of Chang Shu purple tea are not only based on this action. In addition to the direct effect of losing weight, Tibetan tea Chang-Shu has the following properties:

  • Burning excess fat, removing cholesterol from blood vessels, Chang Shu tea normalizes blood pressure and heals the entire circulatory system;
  • All useful substances, vitamins strengthen the susceptibility of the organism to infectious agents, strong immunity increases the endurance of the organism;
  • Diabetics who consumed Chang-Shu purple tea noted a decrease in blood sugar levels, a reduction in the dosage of antidiabetic pills;
  • The use of purple tea Chang-Shu helps the body to fight with various inflammations, since the drink has an anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Acceptance of tea for weight loss helps to significantly reduce the intoxication of the body, because not only the intestines are cleansed, but also the liver, the liquid part of the blood, lymph;
  • The normal functioning of the organs of the digestive tract returns, intestinal peristalsis is activated;
  • Chinese tea Chang-Shu helps to restore clarity of vision and visual perception;
  • Daily use of the drink helps to better cope with stressful situations, balances and calms the nerves without additional medication.

For women, not only a slim appearance is important, but also healthy, elastic skin, luxurious, luxuriant hair. Tibetan purple tea Chang Shu provides this effect with ease. The excess fluid is removed from the cells, thereby the skin becomes tonus, the bears disappear under the eyes.

Sagging skin, which can not be avoided with weight loss, tightens, smooth wrinkles on the face and body. The natural beauty of hair, nails is restored, their fragility, dryness, stratification is prevented.

Tibetan tea helps men not only to get rid of excess fat, but also to increase muscle mass. Drinking Chang-Shu well strengthens muscle tissue, toning elements activate physical activity. The person feels lightness in the body, the condition improves,there is a healthy endurance, a good mood, a joy of life is felt.

Chang-Shu packaging near

How to cook fitonpitok?

To achieve a positive result and make the tea party really enjoyable, Chang Shu tea should be brewed correctly. The main requirement is compliance with the temperature regime. Water temperature should not be more than 80-95 degrees.

  • Need to take 5-7 inflorescences;
  • Pour warm water;
  • Infuse 10 minutes, then strain.

Purple tea for weight loss Chang-Shu brewed in this way has a recognizable aroma, taste, color. In numerous articles on the Internet devoted to this drink, you can find a photo of the brewed means and see what the healing elixir looks like.

Herbal tea has a beautiful blue tint. Sometimes a slice of lime or lemon is put into it. Adding citrus components, you immediately understand why the tea is called purple. The blue color of the drink instantly changes, it looks a little different. The photo and video show how the drug takes shades from purple to soft purple.

How to drink properly?

Like any herbal tea drinks, Chang-Shu cannot be spoiled with melissa, mint, for lovers of sweets, adding honey or sugar is allowed.

In South Asian countries, the drink is drunk slightly chilled.Sometimes it just saves Tibetan residents from unbearable heat, as it has a toning effect. In the opinion of doctors from China, it is better to put citruses in tea in the morning in order to lighten one's mood, accumulate energy for the whole day, and at night it is more optimal to add mint to normalize the process of falling asleep.

You can drink tea before meals or after, the benefits of this does not change. To reduce appetite, splitting fats, the optimal dosage is 2-3 times a day for one cup. After the first three months of reception, nutritionists advise taking a break for a week. Then the course is repeated several times a year.

How does this tool for weight loss?

People who bought Chang-Shu phytotea usually lose weight without any problems and side effects. Thanks to an elite drink, patients with large weight lose up to 20 kg of excess weight. The main effect is that the exchange of fats and fluid in the body stabilizes, the fat balance comes back to normal. Therefore, the lost kilograms are no longer returned.

The prestigious drink Chang-Shu has another undoubted advantage. Some drugs for weight loss keep weight only in the process of using the funds.At the end of the therapeutic course, the weight is growing rapidly. Purple herbal tea has become the most complete and healthy solution for losing weight, it has helped many patients. It is worth starting to take it, if there are no contraindications to admission.

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What are the restrictions for use?

Having made a firm decision to purchase the tool, it is worth remembering about the side effects. Among them it is possible to single out the personal intolerance of phyto-drink, various allergic manifestations to its components. Patients who are prone to allergies should try Chang-Shu with caution.

There are absolute contraindications:

  • The period of pregnancy and subsequent lactation, for experiments on oneself it is better to choose the most suitable time;
  • Do not take the drug to minors and seniors.

The correct drink should not be brewed again. The manufacturer does not advise to exceed the number of inflorescences infused more than 5-7 pieces at a time. Only in this situation, the reception of the drink will be safe and effective.

But gymnastics and rational nutrition should not be forgotten. Phyto-tea should be taken as an additional method for losing weight.You can not ignore a balanced diet and exercise. Only then, by including Chang-Shu in the diet, is it possible to get the desired result.

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