teeth bump

Hello, I have not cured caries for about 2 years. A lump appeared under the jaw below this tooth. Now the tooth was removed a month ago, the lump does not pass. Dentist said it was a lymph node. The bump is hard to touch. Does it bother you?


Good afternoon. Without seeing you, X-rays and ultrasound of a neoplasm, I can�t say anything concretely, just an assumption ... maybe a lymph node and a migrating granuloma. Need to watch. But in any case, treatment is necessary and most likely surgical.

a guest05.04.17 18:42

You need to watch and watch pictures. Maybe a lymph node, and maybe a migrating granuloma ... you need to understand. Do ultrasound and x-rays.

Why didn't the dentist make further recommendations? First you should take a picture and find a qualified doctor. If there is caries, the treatment should be carried out immediately so that the tooth tissue is not destroyed. You should also make an oral cavity diagnosis to rule out other diseases.

Here I have similar symptoms, but the doctor was not, just going. I am looking for a clinic in Moscow, but with adequate pricing, although it hardly happens with dentistry)

It's true, my sister and her husband are a foreigner are going to come here to treat their teeth, because the prices are not commensurate. They want to put zirconium crowns or metal-ceramic, there already, that the doctor will advise on the situation. I found them a few pre-clinics. This onehttp://stombest.ru/protezirovanie.html�Has anyone visited? What are your impressions, what kind of specialist in this clinic would you recommend for prosthetics?

Maybe it's a cyst. In any case, it is better to go to another doctor yet.

a guest21.09.17 10:59

Maybe you need to change the dentist? I recently went to the inspection at the dental center on Serpukhovskaya -http://www.mosmedic.su/�. They have the latest equipment and doctors with extensive experience. I think you will be given the correct diagnosis without any problems and will help to solve the problem, but it�s impossible to joke with it, maybe a serious illness.

I also had this situation after the removal of the tooth. Doctors say that this is a variant of the norm, but I still worry. Did ultrasound of the lymph nodeshttps://diagnostica.docdoc.ru/uzi/uzi-limfaticheskih-uzlov/�Of their own free will, all the same doctors convince them that they are normal. But it is better to watch and keep control.

a guest13.12.17 14:03

But it is purely interesting, where the dentists take the owl equipment, and then you can go to the clinic and there is such an extrageneral

If the dentist neglects the elementary moments, then this is certainly a problem, it is necessary that the equipmenthttps://stomshop.pro/�It was of high quality and the dentist himself was a pro. But in fact, much depends on the client too. It is important that the elementary instructions of the doctor are followed.

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