Ten most dangerous viruses in history

Viruses existed on Earth long before the appearance of the first man. Some of them are completely harmless, but there are also those that pose a threat not only to a single person, but to all of humanity as a whole. Here are ten of the worst of them.

What to fear?

If the most simple viruses are able to cause the usual for all SARS and influenza, then these species often lead to death.

  1. Ebola It causes fever and is transmitted in case of contact with infected blood or other secretions of the body. Characteristic features of this disease: a sharp rise in temperature, weakness, pain in the muscles, throat, headaches. Often, the main symptoms are accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, rash, dysfunction of the kidneys and even bleeding. Mortality due to infection is almost 90%.
  2. Flu virus. Despite the familiar name and familiar symptoms, it is capable of mutating, being one of the most dangerous.Currently, there are more than 2 thousand species, divided into three subspecies A, B, C. The first is particularly scary, because it can cause whole epidemics, it just includes the well-known H5N1 strain, known as "bird flu."
  3. Rotavirus. Despite the fact that the cure of diseases caused by this virus is quite simple, the statistics says that in the world about 450 thousand children die from them every year. The reason lies in the rapid and strong dehydration of the body. The transmission path is fecal-oral.
  4. Smallpox virus. Microorganisms that cause this disease are rightfully included in the list of the most dangerous. Smallpox is known since ancient times and actively spread until 1977, when it was registered for the last time. The number of deaths in the case of the disease is more than 95%, but even those who were lucky enough to survive, often lost their sight.
  5. HIV People talk about him constantly, but not everyone is aware of the scale of the problem. During his lifetime, 25 million people have died and more than 35 million people continue to live with him. HIV is the causative agent of AIDS and is transmitted through the mucous membranes as a result of contact with sperm, milk, blood and vaginal secretions. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for it.
  6. Rabies virus.The danger lies in the fact that it can affect both animals and humans, causing serious pathologies of the central nervous system. You can become infected by the bite of a sick animal. The disease is acute and is characterized by fever, sleep disturbance, hallucinations appear, the person is delirious, becomes aggressive, and in case of late appeals for medical help, paralysis of various muscles, including respiratory, can occur.
  7. Dengue virus. If you are planning a vacation in one of the hot countries, then you should know that there is a risk of being infected by a mosquito bite. Over a year, tourist resorts record from 50 to 100 million cases of infection.
  8. The virus of hepatitis C. It is scary that for many years a person can not suspect the presence of the disease, because she skillfully "disguises" for other diseases. When the disease becomes chronic, the person gradually begins to develop liver failure. This leads to death.
  9. Hepatitis B virus. Although the chances of recovery are quite high, in 20-30% of cases hepatitis B becomes chronic and can lead to cirrhosis or liver cancer.
  10. Flaviviridae virus.It causes the so-called "yellow fever", the carriers of which are mosquitoes that live in Africa and South America. This name did not appear by chance, because the prevailing majority of infected people develop jaundice, which causes deaths. Unfortunately, after the 80s of the 20th century, the prevalence of the disease began to increase. Doctors explain this tendency to reduce immunity, climate change and other factors.

Considering all the danger, scientists around the world are working to create vaccines that can save humanity from mass death due to infection by these insidious viruses.

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