The April 2017 sowing calendar is a table and favorable days for sowing and planting vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops in the ground. Lunar calendar gardener and gardener

PKA-002The lunar sowing calendar of April 2017 is a kind of “road map” for gardeners and gardeners, determining the most successful and favorable days for various activities with land and plants. The table contains recommendations regarding the timing of sowing seeds, working with seedlings and carrying out all sorts of planned and seasonal activities on the plot.

Seed calendar for April 2017 for a horticulturist and gardener with recommendations for every day

If you look at the sowing calendar for April 2017, you can be very surprised at how much work gardeners and gardeners need to do during this time period. The hassles will begin literally from the 1st day and will not stop until 30.


  • 1 - Siderats, fennel, cumin and dill are sown, and the soil is impregnated with mineral supplements and nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer.
  • 2, 3, 4 - seeds and seedlings of vegetable crops are sown in the greenhouse (tomatoes of early varieties, zucchini, cucumbers, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, leeks. Various types of green are sown in the open ground, and decorative annuals (gardening flowers) , daisies, violets) and bulbous (crocuses, dahlias, gladioli, hyacinths).
  • 5, 6 - only lettuce, fennel and basil are planted in open ground, sow lawn grass, loosen dry ground and fight pests. In the greenhouses do not do anything.
  • 7.8 - plant bitter pepper and cucumbers, sow young seedlings, thin out the first shoots, apply fertilizer for planting root crops, but do not water it. In the garden, flowerbeds are made of various species of annuals, young shoots of grapes, honeysuckle, black currant and rosehip are planted in the ground, transplanted and divided perennial flowers.
  • 9, 10 - zucchini and early varieties of squash, celery, watercress and cabbage seedlings are planted under the film in open ground. In the greenhouse, we perform routine weeding and phosphate fertilizers. In the garden planted curly and tuberous plants, loosen the soil, destroy pests and plant bushes and trees.
  • 11 - Full Moon - do not do anything.
  • 12, 13 - soak up additional seeds, dive seedlings, plant cucumbers and low-growing tomatoes in the ground, water and add organic matter. In the garden plant potatoes, horseradish, garlic, radish and various kinds of onions. The garden pays attention to berry bushes and rooted cuttings.
  • 14, 15, 16 - plant ornamental tall plants and potato tubers, sow greens, dig up and loosen the soil, thin out seedlings, fertilize, spray, but do not cut and do not transplant (there is a risk that they will not take root, or they will be sick for a very long time).
  • 17, 18 - sow root crops of different species, are engaged in indoor plants, perform sanitary pruning, remove young growth, root seedlings of berry bushes and fruit trees.
  • 19, 20 - do not sow anything, do not plant and do not transplant, except for bulbous ornamental plants.They carry out selection work, carry out formative pruning in the garden and mow lawn grass.
  • 21, 22, 23 - plant and transplant any plants, sow vegetable crops that grow into the ground, divide berry bushes, grow potted flowers and moderately water their greenery.
  • 25, 26, 27 - the period of New Moon, when all work on earth is prohibited.
  • 28, 29 - plant plants with whiskers, make mineral dressing in the soil and loosen the ground, transplant roses and lilies of the valley, creeping ornamental plants and siderates. Perform sanitary pruning.
  • 30 - Cucumbers, early cauliflower, eggplants and onions on the feather are sown on seedlings. In the garden, they are engaged in clematis, chrysanthemums, daisies and violets, berry bushes and lianas, watering plants abundantly and adding mineral dressing.

Lunar Seed Calendar for April 2017 - Favorable days for plants


Every day of the lunar sowing calendar for April 2017 should be studied separately and, on the basis of its observations, find out what exactly it is most suitable for. However, there are some universal information that is relevant all year round for gardeners and gardeners.

Favorable days of April 2017 on the lunar seeding calendar

  1. April 1-10“The moon is going through a growth phase and is just perfect for sowing and planting ornamental annuals, melons, vegetables, and land-based deciduous plants. During this period the foliage is intensively formed and the growth upwards is especially active.
  2. 11 April- Full moon and any work with the earth and plants is highly undesirable. At this time, you can do the cleaning and plan how the beds, lawns and paths will be located on the site.
  3. April 12-25- the lunar disk decreases and on such days it is recommended to start planting root crops and crops growing down. On a waning moon, plants form a very powerful root system, which in the future will provide plantings with a strong, reliable foundation.
  4. 26 April- New Moon and absolutely unfavorable day for any contacts with both street and indoor plants. Transplantation, cutting, watering and any other actions are strictly prohibited.

Sowing calendar - universal table for April 2017


The lunar sowing calendar is a compact and clear collection of extremely useful and necessary information for any gardener and gardener.Having such a universal table at your disposal, you can plan in advance every day of the month and determine when it is better to perform this or that type of work. This will save time and effort, increase the efficiency of the land and help organize its activities on the ground as correctly and reasonably as possible.

Lunar sowing calendar gardener and gardener - what to do on the site in April 2017


For each type of occupation on the plot is suitable for a certain time, which gardeners and truck farmers count on the lunar sowing calendar. This approach allows you to repeatedly increase the efficiency of economic work and provides the highest possible result.

1,2 - prepare beds for early plantings, cover the ground with a film and plant roses in the ground.

3 - sort out the potato tubers and the highest quality ones are left for planting. Bulb flowers (dahlias, gladioli, etc.) are prepared to form a club, conifers are transplanted to permanent places.

4 - plan the location of lawns and garden paths, transplant conifers, trees and shrubs of any type.

5 - bring potato tubers into the light, thus stimulating faster germination, glazing greenhouses and bringing order to the outbuildings.

6 - in anticipation of the swelling of buds, they carry out planned pruning and remove shoots from shrubs and trees.

7 - planted deciduous and fruit trees, make spring pruning and whitewash the stumps of trees.

8 - make planting trees and ornamental shrubs, form the hvoynik and are engaged in repair of outbuildings.

9 - collect buds for tea, shrub the shrubs, prepare the beds for seedlings.

10, 11 - remove the garden from natural debris, spray the shrubs for the destruction of larvae and parasites, work with the soil, making preparations for seedlings.

12, 13 - devote most of their time to the raspberries: they remove the winter strapping, cut out the extra branches. Remove the shelter, protecting heat-loving plants and crops from low temperatures and cold winds.

14 - shear a hedge, sprayed shrubs to prevent pests from being attacked, prepare the soil for planting vegetable seedlings.

15 - are engaged in medicinal plants and sow anise, motherwort, scarlet and hops.

16 - sprinkle the garden with growth stimulants, remove greenhouses and mark the beds for the upcoming plantings.

17 - they are engaged in land work: they loosen the soil in the tree circles of ornamental and fruit trees, pile up shrubs and lay out garden paths.

18, 19 - in the case of an early warm spring, flower beds and lawns are created for bulbous plants.

20, 21 - do not do anything, or only free the areas from household garbage.

22, 23 - do not sow, do not plant and water spicy herbs and do not use chemical preparations in the garden.

24, 25 - they prepare ornamental and fruit trees and shrubs for the season of activity: they cut off dead branches, remove new growth, form the direction of the crown, whitewash the trunks.

26 - New moon, a day off of all gardeners and gardeners. Any actions with plants are prohibited.

27, 28 - take care of the backyard territory, collect last year's leaves, loosen the top layer of soil and drain water from the land plot.

29 - Rose bushes are planted, beds covered for early planting are covered with a film.

30 - block out the space for lawns and take out decorative onion flowers for germination.

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