The benefits and application of onions with honey

It would seem that onion with honey is absolutely not compatible. But by combining these two products, you can get rid of colds and many other problems. Why does this tool help and how to prepare it? Each component individually has a number of healing properties. Together they acquire new qualities, and their scope of application expands significantly.

onions with honey
Onions with honey: useful properties and recipes
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Recipes for cough with onions and honey

Thanks to this amazing mixture, the cough quickly passes, the state of health improves, the skin becomes healthy. The reason for this magical action lies in the properties of the products. Honey sweet smooths the bitterness of the onions, making the taste pleasant enough. Means based on these components are suitable even for children and effectively help with various problems:

  • Cough quickly pass, if warmed up honey, better buckwheat, add to the onion gruel obtained in a blender.You can take no more than three spoons per day.
  • For the preparation of another cold remedy, 0.5 kg of onion is cleaned, finely cut and poured with boiling water so that the water completely covers it. After an hour, the water should be drained and mixed with 3 tsp. honey and 1 tsp. aloe juice If you take this broth after eating 2 tbsp. l., on the third day, the cough is completely gone.
  • If you mix the onion juice with honey and walnut walnuts, you can further normalize the pressure.

The essential oils contained in onions provide airway clearance. Due to the antibacterial effect, harmful bacteria are killed in the body. Despite all the positive properties, not all this composition is suitable. It is necessary to use it carefully for allergies and people suffering from chronic diseases.

Hair mask with onions and honey

Both components are antioxidants. Thanks to them, free radicals are neutralized, the body is cleared of toxins, and the likelihood of various diseases is reduced. They have an antiseptic, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect, which is widely used in cosmetology:

  • Hair mask with onions and honey is prepared from these components, taken in a 4: 1 ratio. Onions are pre-grated. The composition is rubbed into the skin and after 40 minutes. washed off.
  • The addition of castor oil to this mask will strengthen the roots and give the hair a fluffiness. To reduce the fat content of the hair, you should add lemon juice to the composition, and for the nutrition of dry curls - olive oil.
  • The face mask of these products will have a nourishing and rejuvenating effect. For its preparation is used baked in the oven and grated onion, which is mixed with 1 tsp. honey

It is possible to add additional components to the base components to enhance the effect of the agent. It must be remembered that when heated, honey loses its qualities, so you should not put it in a very hot juice.

Such onions are natural and can serve as a good alternative to pharmaceutical preparations, but it is desirable to coordinate their use with a doctor. Side effects of these products are rare, but you need to be ready for them. In case of occurrence of unforeseen symptoms, these agents cannot be used.

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