The best tonic exercises for the body

When we decide to start training in order to achieve a specific goal, one of the most important points is choosing the ideal program, which is not so easy even for professional coaches. For example, practicing yoga and pilates can become more flexible, but at the same time stay at the same weight, going to the gym will help build muscle mass, but will be completely useless in losing weight, classes in dance classes will get rid of excess fat, but the press will not become attractively pumped.

Most of us do not aspire to become fitness models and do not pretend to have a mountain of muscles, therefore, most often, the dream training becomes one that helps to make the body slim and fit. And the path to the ideal body is through toning-training, effectively working out the muscles that burn extra calories to keep it toned.

What are toning workouts and why are they needed?

The training process consists of tonic exercises performed in three approaches, with a short break between them in twenty to forty seconds. With their help, achieved:

  • acceleration of the synthesis of protein compounds;
  • increase the sensitivity of muscle tissue to proteins that enter the body during a meal.

Scientific studies have shown the effect of physical exertion on the rate of creation of protein compounds, which is reflected in the acceleration of the production process for a maximum of two days.

In the absence of a slight tonic effect on the muscles after a specified period, the growth of muscle fibers slows down or even stops completely. Want to have an attractive figure - perform a complex of toning exercises for all muscle groups every day.

Toning exercises contribute to the allocation of certain features of your body - a tight and flat press, smooth and slender legs, slender hips and the like. Of course, a more successful training process will be under the guidance of a coach, because the technique of performance is no less important than the desire and regularity of classes.

However, at home, you can achieve equally impressive results, because most of the exercises that help increase the metabolic rate, it is easy to reproduce at home with a minimum set of sports equipment.

Home complex

Take note of these effective exercises that help to increase the tone of the whole body:

  1. Let's start the lesson with the hands. Here we will need weight, so for the weight it will be necessary to use sports equipment in the form of dumbbells or barbells, and in the absence of - plastic bottles filled with water. The muscles of the arms can be toned by bending the arms for biceps, the “Hammer” exercise, the bench presses, the reverse triceps, the dumbbell dilution and others. Hands get a beautiful shape, become taut and embossed.
  2. Exercises for legs cause difficulties for most women, but they are very important, so you need to choose the most suitable and comfortable conditions for conducting exercises. For example, if you are a fan of nature - go jogging or jogging, if your soul lies in aerobics - sign up for step aerobics or other types of aerobic exercise. If the home conditions for you are the most ideal, then you can reach the goal with squats, squats, forcing the inner part of your hips to work, lunges and lunges in steps. All this perfectly leads to the tone of the femoral muscles and makes the legs attractive, slim and strong.
  3. Do not forget about the chest and shoulders - the important parts of the body that make up a good posture and the external appeal of every woman. To work out these zones there is a lot of simulators, but if there is no opportunity to go to the gym, then it is quite possible to do exercises - pushups, a plank, press in the prone position, press in the standing position, swing dumbbells, push ups on the bars, other useful for supporting the muscle tone of the shoulder girdle and breasts.
  4. Everyone wants to have an ideal press, forgetting that for almost all women, given the physiological characteristics, this is the result of persistent daily work. Tightening the belly - the result of successive efforts, using three types of exercises for the press, affecting:
  • on top of the press;
  • on the bottom;
  • on the obliques.

In the first case, the tone can be achieved with the help of the torso “frog” lifting, push-ups in the support, the bar, the “bicycle”, lifting the legs. In the second case, you can not do without a "bike", lifting legs, back twisting and others. Slanting muscles tone with lateral twists, lateral bar, "bicycle" aside and other.

Initially, you will be able to perform twelve to fifteen toning exercises during one approach, but over time, with a gradual increase in the number of repetitions, you will achieve a greater number.

It is good to combine toning workouts with some aerobic and cardio exercises. A combined approach will help to lose weight and most optimally tone the body.

Useful recommendations

Before performing exercises for toning the muscular system, use the advice of specialist trainers:

  1. To achieve the desired resistance to achieve the required load, resort to using any form of additional weight, or rely on your own body weight. You want to reach the goal?
  2. Maintain a normal pace without performing exercises at high speed. The speed of execution does not contribute to the creation of proper stress, and this will negatively affect the result. You do not want to waste time and effort?
  3. Begin classes with warm-up, which should become the norm for absolutely any workout. The lack of warm-up may result in injury. Why do you need such troubles?
  4. The first classes may entail pain in the muscles, which should not be a reason for their termination, because after a couple of days they will disappear. Muscle fatigue and pain are common symptoms for “beginner athletes” that are temporary but very unpleasant. But you do not give up to train because of such trifles?

So, to have a toned body, allowing you to envy yourself, looking in the mirror, you must perform a set of exercises that tone muscles and promote weight loss. In addition, you need to be patient for a gradual process that requires regular effort.

It is advisable to combine toning workouts with strength, aerobic and cardio. When conducting a sedentary lifestyle without at least minor physical exertion, and if there are problems with the heart and others, it is recommended to consult a doctor before starting classes.

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