The best wedding dresses of the bride in 2014 (13 photos)

The choice of a wedding dress is one of the most exciting moments in the process of preparing a bride for a wedding, because it is in him that the limit of children's dreams, features of taste and style of the main character of the event are embodied in many ways.

That is why every girl really wants her wedding dress to be the best, emphasizing all its main advantages, because you want so much to literally dazzle the future husband and all the invited guests with her beauty.

White is not necessary.

Wedding fashion, like any other, is rapidly developing and changing; in each new season, brides are presented to the audience in new and fresh looks.

Modern designers with amazing craftsmanship put their whole soul into their models, creating truly touching, delicate, graceful and very feminine wedding dresses, and the 2014 season was no exception.

There should be few stones

Recently, recent shows of high wedding fashion set the tone for new trends, which will be at the peak of popularity throughout 2014, world designers have tried their best, offering the world truly skilful works.

The season of 2014 is literally full of unusual and beautiful wedding dresses, the abundance and luxury of models can satisfy the needs of girls with a wide variety of taste preferences and views on wedding fashion.

In the Gothic style

This year, more than ever, time for experimentation and bold decisions, remember that the choice of a wedding dress should not be based on some long-standing traditions and customs.

Approach this issue creatively: the wedding dress should, first of all, be ideally suited to its owner and be in harmony with the groom's suit, lose stereotypes, because most of them are outdated and irrelevant at the present stage of development of wedding fashion.

How to choose a fashionable wedding dress?

Before plunging you into the review of the latest novelties of collections of wedding dresses by famous designers, which set the main trend trends of the season, I would like to give some advice on the choice of the dress itself.

Lovely brides, remember, fashionable and stylish - this is the dress that will look best on your beautiful figure!

For example, tall and slender girls are the easiest, because they can try on almost any style - lush, slinky, short or with a long train.

In this outfit you will be the best

Thumbelina is best to pay attention to such popular in this season dresses with a narrowed silhouette or with an overstated waist - such models will make you visually higher. But in magnificent models you run the risk of getting lost, such models are better for leaving ladies of higher growth.

Real princess

Do not forget to pay attention to the material and color of the wedding dress that you want to choose for yourself. For example, if your wedding is scheduled for the summer, the best options would be silk, chiffon, tulle or satin dresses. Each of them is good in its own way: tulle is usually used in several layers, creating a very effective and festive look.

Gorgeous back cutout

Lace - a popular fabric wedding fashion in 2014, choose a fully laced dress or with small inserts - it's yours, anyway the dress will look very feminine and refined.

Silk is a luxurious and sexy material with a fairly shiny surface, so who prefers matte materials, it is better to look at the wet silk. In winter, you can stay at the unusual and popular in the last season - velvet and brocade.

Silk looks expensive

Novelties of wedding fashion in 2014

As we have said, each season has its own novelties, highlights and innovations that you should pay attention to if you want to get an image that meets the latest fashion trends of the fashion world.

Accessories play a role

Collections of 2014 opened a lot of new and unusual, the shows were full of surprises and surprises, and it was absolutely in everything: the fashionable styles of wedding dresses acquired a non-standard cut. Most of the world's designers came to a general consensus: the bride should marry in a white dress, of course, all its approximate shades are allowed - beige, cream, mother-of-pearl, champagne and smoky, which is somewhat unusual.

Not every bride dares to wear such a

The well-known Vera Wang categorically disagrees with this decision, the colors in the latest collections of which are radically different from the stereotypes we are used to. The winter collection was presented exclusively in pink, scarlet and bright red colors, Vera believes that these shades are ideally combined with any skin color, the girls in such dresses are truly amazing and sophisticated.

Lace comes first

Most of the models are decorated with large multi-layered applications in the form of flowers, there is also a large number of embroidery, beads and drapery with organza.But the summer collection of 2014 Vera Wong is radically different from the romantic winter: black and white extravagant models literally flooded the catwalk. Refinement and sensuality may look different - so says famous designer Wong.

Unusual sleeves decorate outfit

Famous Italian brands also presented their regular collections to the world, for example, the brand Giovanna Sbiroli has a close relationship with the beauty and harmony of nature, because most of the models presented in the collections have special applications in the form of petals or thin branches with leaves. Most models are made in warm colors: white, soft green, pink, beige and dark gray.

The image should be elegant

Another Italian brand Blumarine pleased with this wedding luxury and amazingly feminine models of wedding dresses. Most models are presented in white and pale pink colors, many of them have lace draperies and large bows as decoration. Almost all models are made to the floor, some have a fairly long train.

Fatin and lace - a good option

Basic fashion trends

  • The season of 2014 finally connected the wedding dresses and laces, which can be completely the basis or only add to the individual elements.For example, the highlight of the upcoming season is wedding dresses with lace sleeves or inserts that completely cover the chest or back.
  • Another highlight of the new season is the seductively open backs, the cuts on which can reach almost indecent depths. Do not forget to add bows, small details, stones and lace draperies to make a complete sensation!
  • As for the styles, the fluffy and long dresses with loops almost completely pushed back the most recently popular short models. Stately and self-sufficient Greek models remain in fashion, but such dresses should be chosen carefully, because they are not suitable for every type of figure. The style with A-silhouette, as well as various fitting models, which quite well repelled the usual "mermaid" or "princess", became very popular.
  • Wedding dresses in retro-style have fixed their positions, especially they are relevant if your thematic wedding plans are in your plans. Monochrome is again in fashion: various color inserts and contrasting decorative elements are in the past.
  • Simplicity, minimalism and the absence of an excessive amount of decor are the key to a truly fashionable dress that will contribute to the concentration of universal attention on the bride herself,and not on a bright wrapper.
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