The British won the dependence on make-up, which almost killed her

Amy Rob from Britain for many years considered herself so ugly that she could not afford to appear in public without cosmetics.

The girl needed the help of psychologists to believe in their own attractiveness and get rid of the impressive beautician.

Amy confesses that she even slept made up, and when she woke up she ran to the mirror to correct the make-up! She was very afraid that the makeup could be smeared, and those around her (even those close to her) would see her true face. Especially the British was afraid to appear without makeup to her boyfriend. The girl didn’t like her appearance so much that she was sure: the boy would leave her when he saw who she was.

Photo: @ / amy.robb

A thick layer of foundation, an abundance of blush, thickly dyed eyelashes - this has become the usual routine of Amy.And she spent at least an hour a day on makeup! It all began in adolescence, when acne appeared on the girl's face due to hormonal changes in the body. Then the 13-year-old Briton hid them under a thick layer of foundation. However, the innocent desire to hide flaws turned into mania.

As a result, due to depression, Amy got into a rehabilitation clinic, where she could not even think about makeup. Firstly, she was no longer up to him, and secondly, the entire arsenal of cosmetics remained at home ...

Gradually, Amy began to get used to her real face, which, as it turned out, was very attractive. She managed to cope with the addiction. Moreover, now the girl with horror remembers that terrible blonde with an orange face and wonders why she gave artificial beauty so much importance. Dependence on makeup almost led her to death. Of course, now the British has not ceased to use cosmetics, but only in moderation.

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