The first frame of the drama "Brexit" with Benedict Cumberbatch

The fact that the film will not be boring and protracted, says the name of the director. They were Toby Haynes, who had already worked with Benedict in Sherlock and shot the first and one of the most interesting episodes of the last season of the Black Mirror.

In general, we are waiting for the British political thriller about the campaign, which managed to win the hearts and minds of the subjects of Her Majesty. We think that we will not have a more interesting way to learn how a referendum was held in Foggy Albion in 2016 and why its results shook the whole world.

C Skyfall’s Rory Kinnear & ‘The Crown’s John Heffernan Join Benedict Cumberbatch’s C4 Drama‘ Brexit ’

- Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE)June 25, 2018

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