The girl was worried about the photo shoot with the bridegroom, but the result was beyond all praise.

Today, social networks are filled with photos of people who have undergone plastic surgery and other changes in search of the ideal. Their pictures lose their sincere emotions and feelings due to retouching and filters that are used in unlimited quantities. Such photos lose the sincerity that penetrates our hearts through the frame.

A young couple from Texas, Stephanie and Alex, decided to take a step forward and move away from the clichés. They are not models, the couple was photographed by their friend Bria Terry from Wolf & Rose Photography. Stephanie wanted to respond to the call for models to take part in a candid shoot and, as you can see, the results were truly stunning.

The photo session was published on the official Facebook page. This is a standard procedure, but these images created a furor and got viral popularity on the Internet. What is she talking about? We will leave you the opportunity to solve this on your own.Here you can see the undisguised love, chemistry that occurs between partners, confidence and beauty.

Stephanie was able to convey the message of her body to millions of people. The girl says the following about this: “I remember that when I was younger, I looked in the mirror, wondering why my stomach was not as expected as I was accustomed to glamorous photos. Many years later, I accepted the fact that I would always be considered Pyshka or “plus-size” as they say. I push myself out of my comfort zone, putting on clothes that I like. I hold my head high, smiling and not ashamed of myself. ”

The photo session gave Stephanie a great opportunity to truly express herself, and she liked the result. Stephanie surprised the first preview of the album. “I have never felt more attractive,” she admitted: “I’m shocked because I look so in love and confident! Every person should see himself in such a light — it really helps to open his eyes. ”

In the pictures she looks loving and confident, and such an experience would be useful to every person - it really helps to open the eyes.

Stephanie and Arrin are planning a wedding in early 2019. Capturing the connection between them, emotions and incredible chemistry, photographer Bria claims that working with a couple was easy. “The connection between them inspires even me. I always believed that I should, like a photographer, show people the beauty that is in them, and I hope that I succeeded here. I feel that I firmly believe in love. Size, race, religion, and sexuality are things that from time to time serve to divide us. But we all just want to be loved. I think this is why these images have become so widespread. First of all, you can see the love between them that these two share. ”

Below you can see the magnificent photos of a couple in love. True love knows no bounds!

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