"The Greatest Showman" and 4 more premieres of the weekend

Jackman plays a cult figure, a famous mystifier, showman, entrepreneur and entrepreneur Phineas Taylor Barnum. His show grew out of nothing, from a wild dream, one idea, and became the greatest representation of his time. His circus is a circus of giantesses and bearded women, Siamese twins and aerial gymnasts. Barnum was a controversial figure, but in this musical Hugh Jackman plays a loving husband, an excellent father and a visionary. Given the actor's charm and his love for this role (Hugh had dreamed of playing this film since 2009), you can enjoy the movie, although the film resembles the circus version of Moulin Rouge.

"Holiday Trouble"

Producer:Olivier Nakash, Eric Toledano
Cast:Jean-Pierre Bakri, Jean-Paul Ruve, Gilles Lellouche, Vincent Macken

Watch for those who understand: the main ones at the wedding are not young, but the organizers.

This French comedy in Russia began to be shown in cinemas for some reason on January 1, although there is not a word about the New Year there.But there is a raucous wedding in an old mansion, on which everything went at random!
Max, who has long been engaged in the organization of celebrations, was fatally tired of dull subordinates, happy newlyweds and their relatives. After all, always even the most planned wedding falls into force majeure and scandals. The groom is capricious, a former lover looms next to the bride, and the wedding photographer is trying to smash the smartphones of all the guests.

"Day of the Dead: Evil Blood"

Producer:Hector Hernandez
Cast:Sophie Skelton, Jonathon Shek, Jeff Gam, Marcus Wanco

For those who view the zombie charge with adrenaline.

If you are tired of the ironic look at zombies, you should see “Evil Blood”. In this horror film, terrible and nasty zombies are suggestive - how can you not remember the work of horror king George Romero?
Humanity has hit the virus, due to which people turn into the bloodthirsty walking dead. Physicians are trying to get the vaccine, but one important element is missing. To get it, in a danger zone filled with zombies, sent a special squad.

"The secret life of insects"

Directors:Arnaud Buron, Antun Krings

For kids and their parents.

Cute French cartoon for the little ones about the life of bugs and bugs, crickets and bees. The queen of bees, a powerful sybaritka, captured a beehive and ruled there with drones, wasting resources. A small but brave cricket Dominic saves the hive for his hard-working bee-girlfriend.

"Welcome to the south - 2, or no entry for neighbors"

Producer:Luca Miniero
Cast:Claudio Bisio, Alessandro Gassman, Angela Finokkyaro, Nabiha Akkari, Mehdi Meskar

For lovers in Italy.

Residents of a small Italian island faced a problem: in the Christmas scene there is no one to play the baby Christ. Since there are no suitable babies on the island, a decision is made to ask the baby ... from the Tunisian diaspora. The fact that Muslims were against it is to say nothing!
Where else, if not in Italy, is it worth making a movie! The sea, beaches, mountains, olive groves, landscapes stretching into the distance, cities are works of art ... The film should be watched at least to get a little sense of the Italian sun, to remember that it is good to eat, drink, live in Italy.

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