The magical and healing properties of aquamarine

Among the variety of gems, it is difficult to find a mineral that is more captivating with its purity and transparency, a unique alloy of magical and healing properties than aquamarine. Thanks to the sky-blue shade, lightness of outgoing vibrations, the stone is associated with the element of water. And the name of the mineral (aqua - water, marine - sea), and a variety of colors from dark blue to greenish, make it look like frozen pieces of stone in the ocean.

Physically, aquamarine is a type of beryl. The closest related minerals are sapphires and rubies, but the cost of aquamarine is much lower than these stones, as it is more common in nature.

The distinctive property of aquamarine is a change in color from different angles from light blue to green and transparency, which predicts bad weather or changes in the state of health of its owner.

The two-color stone becomes the main criterion in determining the authenticity of the crystal. Spinel, quartz, topaz or sapphire - minerals, often issued for aquamarine, do not have such a game of color.Aquamarine - a solid stone, on the surface of which it is difficult to leave scratches. And faceted as a cabochon, it acquires the effect of a cat's eye or asterism: a star-shaped pattern with six rays appears on the surface of the mineral.

The largest aquamarine in history weighing 110 (!) Kg, besides featuring stunning beauty, was found in Brazil, in the city of Marambaya in 1910

Magical properties of aquamarine

Aquamarine is an indispensable attribute of esoteric practices. Crystal purity of the stone, comparable to the transparency of the blue sky or the depth of the sea water, is identified with the ability to resist deception, slander, the evil eye and damage. The magical properties of aquamarine miraculously affect the insight and intuition of the owner, help to see the most important thing in the daily bustle. Jewelry with mineral - faithful helpers in resolving disputes and conflicts, reliable suppressors of anger and raging passions. This is a talisman for newlyweds and spouses living together for more than one year: it helps to keep faith and has partners to each other, even if their views are diametrically opposed.

The stone of philosophers and scientists, aquamarine sets up a serious way, spurs the mind to new non-standard solutions, expels laziness

The connection of aquamarine with the owner is strong. It is worth the owner of the stone to load, as the mineral fades, darkens, signaling a mental disorder. The same will happen if the person who owns the aquamarine, try to mislead or blame what he did not do.

Doctor Aquamarine - medicinal properties

The healing properties of aquamarine have been used by people since antiquity. The ability of the mineral to calm the manifestations of seasickness was noticed by the sailors. Rings with this stone from immemorial pores are reliable companions of seafarers. They believed that the aquamarine, warning of the oncoming storm, is able to calm the strongest storm.

The stone has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, calming anxiety, eliminating unreasonable fears and eliminating insomnia. Aquamarine also helps to combat the following medical problems:

  • heals the liver and pancreas;
  • eliminates problems with the thyroid gland when wearing this mineral in the neck in the form of a pendant,
  • fights against skin diseases and various allergies if ringed;
  • eliminates headaches, relieves sleepless nights if it is part of earrings;
  • strengthens the body's immune system;
  • Solves problems with eyesight;
  • stabilizes metabolism;
  • soothes toothache;
  • eliminates alcoholism and smoking.

However, wanting to use the healing and magical properties of aquamarine, we should not forget that this stone is an unusually fine energy setting. His unique abilities will not manifest if a person acts out of bad motives, for evil.

The magical and healing properties of aquamarine

Aquamarine shows its strength only if its owner’s thoughts are pure.

These celestial crystals are suitable for people born under the signs of the water element - Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio. It is advisable to wear this stone to people with strong energy, prone to the violence of passions. Such excessive activity can easily neutralize the effect of aquamarine. In full, all its properties will open, if the owner of an aquamarine person is calm, balanced, contemplative.

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