The magical world of the mirror in the interior of your apartment

In order to saturate the room with light, the mirror should be hung on the wall perpendicular to the window. This will fill the darkest corners of the room with light. The main thing to remember is that the light should not be the mirror itself, but what is reflected in it. In addition, under the sight of direct sunlight, the mirror surface quickly fades.

If you place several mirrors over a shelf or chest of drawers, on which original decorative elements (figurines, boxes) stand, you can create an illusion of their abundance. In addition, thanks to the reflection, they will be clearly visible from all sides. It is not by chance that the cupboards-sideboards are necessarily equipped with a mirror rear wall.

The narrow corridor can be visually expanded by hanging a large vertical mirror on the side wall. Ideal option - a sliding wardrobe with a mirror door. So you can visually enlarge any room. But to raise the low walls will help suspended ceilings with a reflective surface.

If an ordinary mirror in a bedroom or living room is framed with an antique frame, then thanks to the original framing, this element will be a spectacular decoration of the room. Stylish designer frames can transform it into a work of art.

Kitchen - the most popular part of the apartment, and here the presence of mirrors would be quite appropriate. To increase the amount of light in the room, hang a horizontal mirror opposite the window and decorate the interior with shiny dishes, wall trays of glittering metal.

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