The most fancy gift for young parents? A box that allows you to store milk teeth, and not only!

Some people want to keep everything related to their children. And there are many products that will help them in their aspirations. But this one has caused a lot of controversy among network users. A small wooden box has special holes in which you can store fallen teethbaby In addition, special storage cells are provided.umbilical cord and the first bunch of cut hair. And while some parents call a new accessory an ideal gift, others express some doubts about this ...

The appearance in the network of photographs of a strange wooden box in the shape of a baby's head divided Internet users into two opposing camps.Some consider it an excellent invention, and are ready to keep there the teeth, hair and even the umbilical cord of their babies away from prying eyes. Others consider this idea to be creepy.

So can this box be considered a good gift?

On the other hand, “losing” a tooth is now possible only in a figurative sense ...

The cost of the box in the network is about 16 dollars. Each cell is signed so that you know exactly what it is worth putting the baby’s incisor and what molar tooth. The umbilical cord cell caused a lot of controversy. Some believe that it's still too much ...

On the page of the inventor of the device left over 4000 reviews, among which you can find enthusiastic and very skeptical. But many parents are still grateful for the invention, which is able to preserve the teeth of their little ones.

But some people still call this accessory "the box of horrors."

Many netizens were outraged by the fact that a separate device was invented for storing their teeth. Some expressed their opinion quite aggressively.

P.S. A similar thing is sold, for example,.

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