"The Secret of the House with a Clock" and 5 more cool films of the week

Many, to find themselves, go back to basics. So did the director Toby (Adam Driver), who rushed into a tiny Spanish village, where ten years ago shot his first film about Don Quixote. There still lives a shoemaker (Jonathan Price), who played the main role. Only now this tall old man takes himself seriously as a Knight of the sad image, and Toby takes for an illiterate squire, a jovial and simpleton Sancho. The adventures of an inspirational madman and a pragmatic cynic lead, as we remember from the movie “The Fisher King” by the same Terry Gilliam, not to the holy Grail or the victory over windmills, but to the fact that the cynic will throw off the shackles and look at the world in a new way.

"The mystery of the house with a clock"

Gothic tale about the magic house and the wonderful uncle.

Producer:Eli Roth
Cast:Jack Black, Kate Blanchett, Owen Vaccaro, Kyle MacLaucklin, Rene Goldsberry

The orphan boy Lewis moves into the house of his strange uncle Jonathan and his passions Mrs. Florence. The old house turns out to be full of surprises and magic.An eccentric uncle sorcerer pretends to have everything under control, but in fact, Lewis's help will be useful to them. Task number one: find a clock that methodically counts the time remaining until the end of the world.


Typically English film about the love of books.

Producer:Isabel Coixet
Cast:Emily Mortimer, Bill Nighy, Patrish Clarkson, Hunter Tremaine, Michael Fitzgerald, Reg Wilson

The film is based on the unhurried English novel by Penelope Fitzgerald's “Bookstore” and is exactly the same: slow, intelligent and very English.
Florence Green, a widow and bibliophile, in a dilapidated old house opens a bookstore, the only one in the town of Hardboro. The local society, led by the hysterical elite representative Viola, is indignant about the range and generally wants to take room to organize something like an art school there. Poor Florence is supported only by a hermit and also a big fan of spending an hour or two behind Edmund's book.


Drama about the unstoppable passion for freedom.

Producer:Michael Noer
Cast:Rami Malek, Charlie Hannam, Tommy Flanagan, Yves Hewson, Roland Muller

Henri Sharrier, nicknamed Moth (Charlie Hannam), gets a decent sentence for a murder he didn't commit. After several unsuccessful escape attempts, Henri is sent to the most terrible prison, on Devil's Island. But the freedom-loving Moth will not stop anything.
A charger Louis Degas (Rami Malek), who asks for help from Moth, sits with Shariere. The film is a remake of the 1973 film of the same name, in which Moth was played by Steve McQueen, and Degas was played by Dustin Hoffman, and, hand on heart, it is better to revise it.


Drama about the father who lost children.

Producer:Sarik Andreasyan
Cast:Dmitry Nagiyev, Rosa Khairullina, Marjan Avetisyan, Mikhail Goreva, Samvel Mouzhikyan

The film is based on a real tragedy. In the summer of 2002, a plane flying from Moscow to Barcelona collided with a cargo Boeing. 71 people were killed, including two children and the wife of architect Vitaly Kaloev. It is hard to imagine how a man felt when he learned that he would never see his family. Kaloev is played by Dmitriy Nagiyev, somewhere in the wilderness of his natural “physical fitness” and able to show the grief and fury of an adult stern man.Kaloyev does not want revenge, he only wants to hear a sincere "forgive" from the dispatcher who admitted the collision. But then Kaloev goes much further ...

"Toys for adults"

Comedy 18+ about the city of people and Muppets.

Producer:Brian henson
Cast:Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Banks, Maya Rudolph, Leslie David Baker, Joel McHale

Remember the puppet series "Muppets"? Director of "Toys for Adults" Brian Henson - the son of the creator of mappets, Jim Henson. He in his own way disposes of the legacy of his father, making a noir comedy detective with dolls. Half of the people in Los Angeles are people, and half are puppets (just like on Sesame Street). Both those and others work together, make friends and give birth to novels. But one day someone opens up a hunt for star dolls, and a woman cop with a rag liver and a teddy detective of a pleasant blue color are taken for investigation.

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