The secrets of beautiful skin

Review the diet!
The skin is one of the first to respond to malnutrition: there may be redness, inflammation that turns into hated acne. So the body signals that it’s time for you to reconsider your diet and eliminate harmful foods from it. If you do not want an "uninvited guest" to appear on the face at the most inopportune moment, now refuse from fried, fatty, spicy, smoked, fast food. Rare yourself as sweet as possible, especially with such tempting cakes with an abundance of cream, black tea is replaced with green tea. These products most often provoke a rash. But regular use of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, seafood and fish will make your skin healthy and clean. And remember: helping your mother to prepare a festive table, do not have a snack on salted-smoked goodies, otherwise all your efforts may go down the drain. Be extremely selective during the holiday feast.
Drink healthy drinks!
You also need to pay attention to what and in what quantity you drink.After all, the skin is still capable of experiencing thirst. That's just to drink it with sweet soda or drinks with caffeine is impossible. For this best drinking or mineral water or natural juices. They are essential for the process of cell renewal, maintaining skin tone and its excellent appearance. And you need to drink liquids 1.5 - 2 liters per day.
Get enough sleep!
Some girls in vain underestimate the importance of sleep, staying up late staying in front of a computer monitor or TV set. As a result, a regular lack of sleep immediately reflects on the face: dull skin color, dark circles under the eyes. Even the best cosmetics can hardly disguise it. So that the skin is always truly fresh and radiant, do not regret the time for sleep - sleep at least 8 hours. And before you go to bed, you will certainly air the room so that you can sleep well and sweetly.
Do not experiment with cosmetics!
Girlfriend advised you cool shade or toner, who can not wait to try in her make-up? Well, change is interesting. But when nothing remains until the holiday, I would advise to postpone such experiments. The fact is that you cannot know for sure how your skin will react to a cosmetic novelty.Well, if everything is OK, but what if with this tool you provoke an allergy and a rash appears?
Clean and nourish!
Your daily skin care program should consist of two essential points: cleansing and nourishing. To clean the face, that is to wash, you need in the morning and evening, it is recommended to use special cosmetics: gel or foam suitable for your skin type. And to make a deeper cleansing, I recommend using Garnier Pure Skin Active ExfoPro gel. I assure you: it is just a godsend! And not only because of the unique formula with natural ingredients. On the bottle there is a special nozzle with a brush of 170 elastic bristles, with which you can easily apply the product and thoroughly clean the skin. And do not forget after this procedure to use moisturizing or nourishing face cream.
Touch your face less!
Most likely, you do it involuntarily: you will correct the make-up with your finger, wipe out your forehead with your palm, then you will simply touch your pretty nose. It is necessary to get rid of this bad habit once and for all! Touching the face with unwashed hands can cause inflammation and rashes.Do not forget about it!

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