The secrets of cooking delicious buns

“We indulge in buns here!” - oh, these famous words from a fairy tale about a cheerful and naughty Carlson. Perhaps, when someone pronounces them out loud, I feel like trying to taste fresh and fragrant plush, richly covered with sugar.

Many housewives prefer not to fool themselves with a test, baking, but simply go to the nearest bakery and buy such a delicacy already ready, but is it possible to compare homemade cooked with love buns with factory products?

So, you decided to cook delicious buns on your own, but you need to know how to do it right? Meanwhile, the recipes for cooking delicious appetizing buns - there are a great many, while they are prepared quickly, simply and even, we can say, with the breeze.

In order not to be confused with the concepts and numerous existing bakery products, let's give an approximate definition of buns. In general, these are the same buns, cooked necessarily from buttery dough, which usually have a slightly flattened shape and, most often, are prepared without filling, but only prisypayutsya sugar.

Although, recently a large number of their varieties have appeared, today buns can be of different sizes and shapes, often with a filling, but the principle remains the same - the dough should be just yeast, only then they will turn out so lush and fragrant. Cottage cheese, poppy seeds, raisins, favorite fruits or berries can be used as fillings, but still buns with sugar (sand or powder) remain the classics.

By the way, this delicacy is so popular that it is loved and known not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders, and in the USA there even exists a whole world-famous chain of fast food cafes that specializes in buns with cinnamon or cream cheese. Well, let's try to cook something and we?

Classic with sugar

So, for the preparation of such a dish we need:


One of the main ingredients - 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, depending on the quality of its flour, will need 50-60 g. A tablespoon of yeast (preferably dried), 2-3 eggs, 50 g of butter, a glass of milk, salt and a bag of vanilla sugar .


Some vegetable oil, 100 g of sugar and 1 egg to lubricate the surface.

The first thing you just want to ask is how to make a yeast dough, because it is with it that most housewives have problems. Let's start with the yeast: they must be diluted in warmed milk with a tablespoon of sugar dissolved in it. Leave the yeast and milk for 15 minutes, while at this time put the butter on the steam bath to melt it.

In a separate container, beat the eggs with the remnants of sugar, add a little salt, vanilla sugar, then melted butter, and still mix until a homogeneous mass. Pour in the yeast mass and whisk again.

Pour the flour into the finished mass gradually, thereby kneading the dough in a bowl. When it turns into a whole mass, put it on the table and start kneading it with your hands, as a result it should not stick to your hands and have an elastic consistency.

Then the dough must be shifted to a clean roomy container, cover with a dry towel and place in a warm place for 1.5-2 hours. During this time, it should grow and increase in volume three times. When this happens, you need to knead it and put it on the table, cut not small pieces with a sharp knife, which will become future buns. While you will form them, cover the rest of the dough with a towel so that it will not be weathered.

We form our buns: we take a portioned piece, we knead it with our hands in a round cake, after which we spread the surface with vegetable oil and sprinkle with sugar. We roll the pellet into a roll, and then fold it again, only in length. In the middle we make a small cut, and slightly push the dough apart, as if we want to open a book. The bun is almost ready!

Now we prepare a pan: cover with parchment or oil, and then start spreading buns, in this form, straight on the baking sheet, leave them to stand for 15 minutes. In conclusion, the blanks can be smeared with a beaten egg, and then sent to a preheated oven. Baking temperature 190 ° -200 ° until a beautiful blush appears (20-25 minutes). Ready delicacy is a great option for tea or a nice weekend breakfast.

The recipe for the most delicate buns with cottage cheese

For the preparation we need:

  • all the ingredients on the dough from the previous recipe.

For filling:

  • cottage cheese - 250 g;
  • egg - 1 piece;
  • raisins - 40 g;
  • sugar - 20 g;

With the yeast test you need to understand exactly the same as in the previous recipe - there are no differences, wait until it starts to rise, then divide into portioned pieces.And while it rises, take care of the filling: for this, cottage cheese, egg, sugar and raisins should be mixed in one container, you can also add a little sunflower oil.

Prepared portioned pieces roll out or knead with your hands into a round cake. Now you need to prepare a baking sheet: close it with parchment or oil it, and from the top we start to lay out round dough blanks, first making a small depression in each.

Then we lay out the curd filling, and in order to make the ready buns also very appetizing, you can smear the top with a slightly beaten egg. It is necessary to send a baking sheet in an already heated oven, the buns first need to stand for a while. It is necessary to bake such a treat about half an hour at a temperature of 180 °.

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