The world's sexiest grandmother showed "naked" photo

Here is a figure!

Jean Stewart was nicknamed the hottest grandmother of the world after she reached the final of the prestigious Australian beauty contest, effortlessly beating around a hundred younger (and very attractive) rivals.

She did not win the contest itself, but overnight it became popular. Now she is invited to appear in commercials, and her Instagram is replete with not family pictures, but only frank photographs. Sometimes and almost without clothes.

Gina Stewart
Photo: @ strawberriesandcream1

The figure of such a grandmother - and, by the way, the mother of four children, of course, can be envied. Her secrets of harmony are simple. “For breakfast, I usually eat eggs, for lunch rye crackers, cottage cheese and avocados. And for dinner - fish, chicken or turkey with salad and beans. So, practically without doing fitness, I lost 15 kg in a year, ”Gina said.

As for beauty recipes, Stewart uses only two products.Coconut oil is suitable as a mask for hair, and as a moisturizer. And rosehip oil is an ideal anti-aging remedy for the face.

Well, and Stuart's gorgeous breasts are the result of a plastic surgeon's intervention, and she never hid it. 10 years ago she put in implants. And not due to the fact that her bust sagged after the birth of children, because in her youth the guys were laughing at her second size. Here's how the opportunity came, she decided to increase the breast to "Pyaterochka." But lately, Gina is increasingly saying that she wants to remove implants. Sexy granny is sure that they are bad for her health. “I realized that any implants are toxic,” she categorically states.

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