The teaser of the clip of the Coin for the song "90th"

Mikhail Idov laid out on Instagram his first teaser for the song “The 90s”, calling his most favorite composition from the singer's debut album “Coloring for Adults”. Shot the video, judging by the geolocation, in St. Petersburg. Mikhail acted as a director and screenwriter, and Yevgeny Privin became the cameraman.

In the 20-second teaser, we can see the singer sneaking onto the balcony, filled with the morning sun, across the room after a noisy party. The video ends with the meaningful phrase “In the 90s people were killed”. But about the "fights for jeans with Coca-Cola," about the fact that "there was no electricity anywhere,
“Only“ Gentle May ”played on the radio” and no other details of that time were mentioned. Premiere - August 21.

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