The use of ichthyol ointment to solve many problems

And yet we are a strange people, willingly overpay a lot of money for beautiful and publicized advertising media, expecting the desired effect from them, and completely forget that there are domestic funds that are no worse, and maybe even better, and at all penny price.

It is possible that this is due to a certain ignorance, and, of course, there is a place of distrust, because it is hard to believe that the ointment for 5-10 hryvnia can cure many problems and diseases with which, sometimes, even expensive foreign analogues do not cope.

Ichthyol ointment is just the same drug that is able to get rid of a large range of ailments, in spite of its not very pleasant content, it has quite a decent effect.

At its core, ichthyol ointment is a universal remedy, which for some surprising reason is rarely used by people, although it is not enoughthat copes well with its stated indications for use, but practically has no side effects, which is now not found in the advertised and common color tubes.

Ointment will amaze you

It is quite possible that such a scornful attitude towards such a miracle remedy is probably caused by its only drawback: a rather sharp, very specific smell and dark color of the ointment itself, which can cause unpleasant associations.

Of course, if you work in the field of communication with people, the treatment of such an ointment can cause some inconvenience, because the ointment has a smell close to the smell of tar, gasoline or diesel fuel. However, for inpatient treatment it is absolutely unprincipled, an unpleasant smell can be tolerated, especially if we consider that the treatment is really effective.

Ichthyol ointment has a very wide range of applications, ranging from the treatment of acne, to serious eczema, suppuration of the skin, frostbite and various female and male gynecological problems.

By the way, such a characteristic smell and rich color are easily explained: the product itself is the result of the chemical industry from the very beginning to the end.

Ointment is extracted by multistage special methods of processing shale tar, in which, by the way, archaeologists often find the remains of prehistoric fish. It was here that such a characteristic name of the product was born, and also its smell and color are explained.

Ichthyol ointment is unlikely to once appear on advertising posters or on television screens, but if you once use the “Ichthyol”, then most likely you will not refuse such treatment. What is interesting, but this ointment is in great demand in Germany, where it is produced under the name Ichtiolsalbe, and, for example, in the US ichthyol ointment is sold without a prescription and is popular with the local population.

Of course, the usual "ichthyolka" is difficult to compete with modern drugs based on antibiotics and other supplements, but in its specific segment it is one of the absolute leaders among ointments.

Indications for use

The most frequent use of this remedy is for various suppurations that are caused by dermatological problems: skin diseases, acne, rashes, furunculosis, eczema, frostbite, burns.

Of course, the list of listed areas is rather scary and aggressive, sometimes because of this, people also refuse to use ichthyol ointment, considering that this does not concern them.

The appearance of the tool is not very good, but the effect is amazing.

In spite of the low price and the real treatment with ichthyol ointment of various bloody boils, acne and other skin problems, you can hardly find a large number of good reviews on forums or in other discussions, because many are confused by the constant pungent smell.

However, if you talk with specialists or people who actually underwent a course of treatment with such a remedy, then we can conclude that this remedy really works.

If on the back several painful boils jumped out, which, unfortunately, are quite frequent guests in cold weather, then using the ichthyol can reduce pain and greatly alleviate the condition in a short time. Internal and external acne also perfectly respond to treatment with this miracle cure, thanks to its antiseptic properties and the ability to penetrate deep into the skin.

The ointment has the ability to pull pus,thus having a beneficial healing effect on purulent processes and wounds, moreover, it disinfects quite well, exterminating microbes and bacteria, which provoke purulent and inflammatory processes.

The use of ichthyol ointment improves blood supply to tissues, which ensures their increased enrichment with oxygen.

In addition to all of the above, ichthyol ointment has proven itself in gynecological, urological and proctological practice.

For example, in gynecology, it copes very well with various inflammatory processes, such as mastitis, is able to fight inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries, has a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane of the uterus and much more.

In addition, she successfully copes with many male problems in this area, for example, eliminates inflammation of the prostate gland, is effective in metritis, salpingitis, prostate and many other ailments. If you read the instructions, it turns out that it can even be used in inflammatory processes of the rectum, which must be cleaned before using this drug.

How to use the "Ichthyol"?

Of course, before using ichthyol ointment, you must carefully read the instructions provided, and only then begin treatment.

Good acne treatment

For example, in gynecological ailments, ichthyol candles or tampons are usually used, due to which all the medicinal elements of the preparation are well absorbed during inflammatory processes of the pelvic organs.

Ichthyol swabs are usually lubricated in some additional substance, for example, in camphor oil in a 1: 1 ratio, such means can be used for no more than 10 days and only if the patient does not experience cervical erosion. In such cases, it is better to mix Ichthyol with liquid paraffin.

By the way, it is not difficult to make ichthyol swabs at home: it is enough to prepare a small piece of cotton wool that is wrapped with gauze and tied with a strong thread. The finished tampon is dipped in ichthyol ointment in the required proportion and injected for 12-20 hours. Make sure that the threads that the tampon is tied with are left outside (for removal).

In the treatment of various rashes and acne, ichthyol ointment affects not only the upper layer of the epidermis, but also directly on the inflammatory focus.It is not difficult to apply such an ointment; it is enough to apply a thin layer twice a day to the irritated areas of the skin, it is desirable that the applied agent remains on the skin overnight. After using the "ichthyol" it is necessary to clean the skin with lotion with salicylic acid.

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