Then and now: how the style of sex symbols of the 90s has changed

They worshiped them, they were worshiped, men of the whole world dreamed about them, and the girls tried to imitate them. The editors of Woman’s Day decided to recall the sex symbols of the 90s and find out how much their dress has changed. Jerry Halliwell, Jenny Garth, Natalia Oreiro, Britney Spears - how seductive are the sex symbols of the time in our day?

Jerry Halliwell

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Jerry Halliwell has achieved success in musical career in the composition of the group Spice Girls. Her alter ego playful Ginger Spice was rightly considered one of the sexiest girls band. The red-haired beast wore exceptionally tight mini-dresses and platform shoes, and also regularly shined with underwear. Such a frank role is not surprising, given the past of the star. The fact is that before the beginning of her musical career, Jerry worked as a dancer in a nightclub. For provocative outfits that Halliwell wore both on stage and outside, the singer was awarded the unofficial nickname of Sexy Spice.

Jerry was the first to leave the band in 1998 and began her solo career, choosing a more modest stage image.By the way, Holliwell was able to achieve the greatest success in a solo musical career of all the participants in the Spice Girls.

Nowadays, the star is difficult to see in revealing dresses, minimally covering the "fifth point". Now Jerry is happily married to Christian Horner and is raising her daughter from a previous relationship, so she doesn’t face provocative toilets at all. Among the favorites of the star are sheath-dress dresses, classic trousers and trench coats, as well as closed evening dresses on the floor. Now Jerry Halliwell's style can be confidently called conservative: there is not much left of the former sex symbol.

Britney Spears

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Britney Spears gained popularity in 1999 after the release of the video for the song "... Baby One More Time", in which she appeared in the form of a depraved schoolgirl. It is surprising that the star managed to simultaneously be in two completely different roles: the girls in the neighborhood and the seductive "Lolita". The 18-year-old singer danced on stage and appeared on the red carpet in the sweetest pink tops and sporty sequined trousers. It is worth noting that such an image, which, in fact, brought Britney the “title” of a sexy girl, turned out to be the most modest of her entire career.

To date, Spears has measured hundreds of images, focusing on the role of a fatal woman. The star has always relied on sex, and therefore mini-dresses with a deep cleavage and sparkles in her wardrobe most of all. Even in everyday life, the singer dresses as if she wants to show the world all her charms. At the same time it does not bother the presence of cellulite. By the way, the current image of Britney Spears is not the worst that could happen to her. In 2011, her style was based on bandages, leather lashes and other BDSM paraphernalia.

Victoria Beckham

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And another sexy “peppercorn”: this time Victoria Beckham, who once looked like a girl of easy virtue. It is hard to believe in it, but in the mid-90s she adored tight fitting combination dresses and transparent outfits. Posch Spice - under this nickname Victoria Adams knew the whole world - for several years remained in the guise of the most luxurious of the participants of the Spice Girls.

Oddly enough, after the collapse of the group, Victoria began to dress even more vulgarly and frankly, but suddenly all her love for the neckline and mini disappeared somewhere. Perhaps the whole thing is in the birth of six children and in the new hobby - clothing design.Fortunately, now Beckham does not look like the venerable mother of the family. Every year she is included in the lists of the most well-dressed celebrities. Strange, but the tastes of the stars have changed dramatically. Instead of dresses, barely covering her underwear, she began to wear black tuxedos and skirts to the floor. The star loves low-key clothing, but with pleasure emphasizes the dignity of the figure: long slender legs, slender waist and graceful shoulders.

Natalia Oreiro

Photo: promotions of the TV series "Wild Angel" / Splash News

Natalia Oreiro, the idol of millions of girls around the world, and especially in Russia, gained wide popularity after participating in several soap operas. The most famous of them is the romantic series “The Wild Angel”, which in the 90s was played on one of the central channels. We all remember Milly, dressed like a tomboy: in wide jeans, a t-shirt and a plaid shirt, tied at the waist.

Since then, much has changed. First of all, Natalia has enjoyed tremendous success in her home country - in Uruguay, as well as in Argentina. She successfully married and bore a child. At the same time, she did not interrupt her musical career and gained an even greater number of fans. In the style of an actress, much has changed.In the 90s, her main trump card was undisguised sexuality: bright makeup, short dresses, and even leather and latex outfits.

Today, Oreiro looks much more romantic, preferring luxurious dresses to the floor and light sundresses with a floral pattern.

Jenny harte

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Remember the blonde Kelly Taylor from the cult TV series "Beverly Hills 90210"? Initially, the role inherited by Jenny Garth was supposed to be episodic. However, the audience liked the heroine so much that they decided to leave her for the next ten seasons. Sexy, a little bitchy blonde at the beginning of the season loved to wear miniskirts and short tops. True, by the end of the series, Kelly's style had matured with her: she began to choose more restrained, but no less sensual sets.

Nowadays, Jenny Garth is not as popular as in the 90s. She is occasionally seen at various movie premieres, parties and presentations. The style of the actress has changed a lot since the filming of Beverly Hills, and this is natural. She most often prefers trousers or skirts to the floor. At the same time her fetish - bright details and rich shades. Gart style can not be called boring.

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