Thermal protective agents: whether they are needed and how to properly use

Will they really protect your curls from the negative effects of a hair dryer and irons?

Shiny and silky hair, almost all the girls of the world dream of such dreams. However, the constant use of styling products and gadgets with thermal effects adversely affect the hair. Fortunately, there are most of the tools that protect them from this, but are they effective?

“Very often, girls use good products, expensive shampoos and conditioners, make masks, and their hair looks dull, the tips constantly split off, and the color intensity quickly goes away.

The fact is that shampoo and conditioner are not enough. Thermal protectors protect hair from heat exposure, help to dry and better hair and shape hair, while strands retain their natural beauty and strength, ”says Irina Egorova, creative partner of L’Oréal Professionnel.

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How to use?

“For each type of hair, you need to choose your means: the thinner the hair, the lighter the spray should be. The more porous the hair structure or the more damaged they are, the denser the means should be, for example, a thermal protective cream, ”says Irina.

If we do not use thermal protection, luster, elasticity, color intensity (if they are painted) disappears. You will not be able to grow good quality hair unless it is permanently protected.

Sprays should be applied to wet hair, spraying at arm's length. Creams are applied to wet hair and comb them.

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