They need to try: 7 beauty new products this September

The editors of tested cosmetics and told the whole truth about them.

Sticker for lips Artist Lip Blush, MAKE UP FOR EVER, 1500 rubles

Artist Lip Blush, MAKE UP FOR EVER Lip Stick

Inspired by make-up artists who always powder their lips to matte the texture of lipstick, the brand MAKE UP FOR EVER has released a stick with a perfect powdery matte texture. In addition to the ideal coating, the product intensively moisturizes the lips with hyaluronic acid. Three types of oil that are included in the composition, guarantee easy and uniform application.

Victoria Dudina, Acting chief editor:

Pros:for me, packaging is 50 percent success. A lipstick pencil fits perfectly even in a small purse and is applied to the lips with several movements. Loved the color palette. Soft matte colors are in perfect harmony with the autumn landscape outside the window and are ideally combined with any clothes. Lipstick is not smeared after the first cup of coffee, while this is easily removed using micellar water.

Minuses:if you always complete your makeup with a lip powder, this lipstick is for you. But I prefer products that have a bold texture, so even though the creators of Artist Lip Blush provided the maximum possible moisture in this situation, I sometimes had the desire to apply shine over the stick. I think I will do it from time to time, because in general I liked lipstick.

Body Wash “Icy Verbena”, L'Occitane, 2150 rubles

Body Wash “Ice Verbena”, L'Occitane

Gel texture and the refreshing effect of menthol slightly cools the skin and at the same time incredibly moisturizes. Verbena extract is a natural antioxidant, thus it protects its premature aging, and also tones the skin.

Christina Semina, editor of the Lifestyle column:

Pros:means, in my opinion, will be the perfect companion on vacation. Especially if you are going to a hot country. I advise you to use the gel immediately after sunbathing or a long stay on the street during the day. It instantly fills even very dry skin with moisture, and thanks to its cooling effect, gives comfort. Another bonus: a light fragrance with notes of menthol, verbena and, possibly, other plants, which remains on the body for a long time.

Minuses:not detected.

Moisturizing Serum Aqualia Thermal, Vichy, 1456 rubles

Moisturizing Serum Aqualia Thermal, Vichy

The product makes the skin firmer and also smoothes light wrinkles that arise from the dehydration of the skin. The serum contains 15 percent of mineralizing thermal water, which strengthens the intercellular bonds, and mannose moisturizes the skin and restores the epidermis. A high molecular weight acid prevents moisture loss.

Alika Zhukova, beauty editor:

Pros:The main plus is hyaluronic acid. This ingredient actually allows you to retain moisture and moisturizes effectively. After applying the serum, the skin flattens and becomes velvety, and more elastic. The product has a very nice light aroma.

Minuses:not detected.

Aroma La vie est belle Happiness Limited Edition, Lancôme, 7427 rubles

Aroma La vie est belle Happiness Limited Edition, Lancôme

Cult French flavor appeared in a new interpretation. The Lancôme brand created the series with Lady Pink Pink street art artist Sandra Fabara. The aroma of La vie est belle has become a real work of art that combines street style and luxury. The composition itself remained unchanged: notes of iris, orange flowers, absolute jasmine.

Anna Tok, editor of "He and She":

Pros:sweet notes of caramel and praline,delicate shades of rose and vanilla in a beautiful summer fragrance La vie est belle punished my heart a few years ago. This fragrance has already become a classic of the Lancôme brand. One drop of perfume is enough to smell all day. The smell opens on the skin gradually, it becomes deep and unique. Perfect for a cheerful and romantic girl.

Minuses:not like those who do not like the sweet aromas, but this is a matter of taste. In my opinion, this flavor has no minuses.

Mascara “Volume. Marginal length "mark., Avon, 319 rubles

Mascara “Volume. Prohibitive length "mark., Avon

New mascara allows you to make the eyelashes long and voluminous, all this is due to elastomers - particles that have highly elastic properties. The extension brush allows you to paint even the thinnest cilia, and the conical shape protects against the formation of lumps and stuck eyelashes.

Olga Safonova, deputy. chief editor:

Pros:Comfortable brush with villi of different lengths perfectly paints all the eyelashes, even the smallest in the corners of the eyes. Eyelashes become really voluminous and long. During the day, keeps excellent, not showered. And even in the evening you do not turn into a tired panda with dark circles around the eyes.It is washed off with miccelaceous water for one approach, I think this is excellent, especially when you paint your eyelashes in several layers. To be honest, I thought that not one disc would go away, but no, the ink is washed off perfectly.

Minuses:for me, some tough pluses. Even the slightly puppet effect of the eyelashes and its slightly watery texture do not bother me.

Serum to narrow pores, Vinopure Skin Perfecting Serum, Caudalie, 2600 rubles

Vinopure Skin Perfecting Serum, Caudalie

Serum is designed for owners of problematic skin prone to fat. Thanks to natural ingredients and high concentration of natural salicylic acid, the agent helps to remove dead cells and cleanse the skin, as well as eliminate imperfections and improve skin texture. Serum is non-camedogenic, it tightens pores and eliminates rashes.

Nastya Obukhova, editor of the "Fashion" column:

Pros:Caudalie serum is light and weightless. When applied, it thaws on the skin and smells very nice with something fresh. Does not leave stickiness and film, which I consider a great advantage for the gel texture. Completely skin from rashes does not clear, but stops their spread throughout the face. What I particularly liked was that the skin after use is not greasy, but it is not completely matte, that is, the serum still gives a little moisturizing.

Minuses:rather, it’s not a minus, but my personal recommendation. It’s better not to use the whey alone, but only in combination with a fluid or cream. Even oily skin needs good moisturizing!

Mask for hair “Absolu Aura Botanica”, Kerastase Paris, 4100 rubles

Mask for hair Absolu Aura Botanica Kerastase Paris

As the name implies, the entire line of hair products consists of natural ingredients. Maximum - by 98 percent (the remaining two are needed so that the means smell deliciously and can serve us longer than a week). Mask without silicones, but it is designed to power dull and very dry hair for 96 hours.

Elena Karlina, star editor:

pros: I'm not afraid of silicones, but still I want to fill the hair not only with “cellophane”, but also to treat them. I was afraid that, due to the natural components, there would be no instant effect, but I felt that the curls were transformed when the mask was already washed off. 10 minutes, and the result - smooth hair that is easy to comb, even without indelige. And my hair is exhausted with washes and brightenings, it is very difficult to cope with it! Now I want the whole line. By the way, I also liked the thick consistency - reminded me of peanut butter, mmm!

Minuses: to be honest, I love to find fault with everything in the world.But if there is nothing to it, then you should pay tribute: the mask is beautiful.

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