It's fake! 10 stars that go with hair extensions

It turns out that these celebrities do not worry about the naturalness of their hair, but simply attach the overhead.

The dream of every girl is long, thick and gorgeous hair. However, not all the fair sex can afford to grow such. Of course, you can drink vitamins heavily, make masks of burdock or castor oil, but not the fact that even after three years the result will meet the expectations. Advanced girls do not want to wait long, and therefore go to a beauty salon, where the master in a matter of hours will increase such a head of hair, about which you can not dream.

The procedure of extension is preferred by most selebs, because this is a fairly simple way to quickly and drastically change your hairstyle. True, and they happen beauty failures. Awkwardness of hands and voila - the hairstyle does not look so cool and natural, as we would like.

Take even Kim Kardashian. Stellar loaf does hair extensions constantly.The media even stopped paying attention to the endless changes in the image of this person. Still would! Today she walks with a square, and tomorrow she walks with long curls. Then again with a square, and a week later ...

Keep up with Kimi her star sisters. Chloe and Kylie, however, do it for the sake of length, and because of the volume (so that the styling looks more impressive).

Jennifer Lopez loves long hair, but, alas, they are not real. It turns out that the celebrity constantly goes to the stylist to attach a couple of curls for the mind.

The owner and so luxurious hair Ariana Grande still does hair extensions. And all so that her famous high tail was even more magnificent, because by nature she has not so voluminous curls.

Feel free to go with hair extensions Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Vanessa Hudgens and Beyonce.

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