This is what happens if you spray a wall fabric softener.

  • Anonymous

    Expensive pleasure, the same effect just with warm water.

  • Anonymous

    In fact, there are special tools for removing wallpaper.

  • Anonymous

    and what does this conditioner accelerate in contrast to warm water?

  • Anonymous

    America opened))) .... warm water, and leave the fabric softener

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the previous commentators, always shot the wallpaper sprinkling on them with just warm water.

  • Anonymous

    The author never tried to do it with plain water.

  • Olga Samara

    in the apartment there will be a pleasant odor of kondika, if with plain water, then the smell is damp!

  • Anonymous
  • No guys, you did not tear off Soviet washing wallpaper

  • No, we "unhooked Soviet washable wallpaper" But not air conditioning

  • a guest

    Take a floor cloth and hot water, drive along the wall as if you are washing the floor, that's all.

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