This teremok is like a toy, but it has everything you need.

Wooden architecture allows you to embody the wildest dreams of the house as if from a fairy tale. A small building, located on the edge of the forest, though similar to fabulous scenery, is equipped with all the benefits of modern civilization.

The total area of ​​the log building is only 27 meters. But inside everything is very cozy and ergonomic.

The small living room is decorated both fabulously and modern. This table resembles the chair of the smallest Mishutka from a famous fairy tale.

The kitchen and dining are a continuation of the living room. In a small space each item has its own place.

"Who sat on my chair?"

Each free centimeter is used for storage. Instead of massive drawers, open shelves. Forged details add elegance to the wood finish.

A staircase leads to the second floor where the bedroom is located. Are there three cots?

And again forging, which dilutes the general theme of untreated wood.

The bedroom is very comfortable, and there is even a small guest room nearby.

In the morning, you can not go down, and drink a cup of coffee on the cozy terrace.

And here is a place where guests can spend the night without disturbing the owners of the house. The sofa unfolds, turning into a spacious berth.

The house is equipped with a shower and a comfortable toilet.

In the evening, a fabulous mood is enhanced by lighting.

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