Three bedrooms and a dressing room: Diana Arbenina showed her country house

The singer invited the "Antenna" to visit her in the Moscow region.

- I live in this house for 15 years with short breaks at the time when I rented an apartment in Moscow on Arbat, then Artyom and Martha went to kindergarten. Children grew up (twins 8 years old. - Note. "Antenna"), and everyone needs their own room. So we returned to the house and started with the repair. He proceeded quite atypically. I do not like construction and suffer from the slightest rearrangement of furniture. Besides, I have regular tours. Therefore, I decided: I will not run home and stop people from working, but I will trust the designer Alexey Korchinsky. He sent pictures, and I said that I like and what does not. The main wish was more freedom and not to overload the furniture with space. Now we have a large kitchen for family dinners, each has a bedroom, there is a rehearsal hall, where a group gathers, a dressing room with good light, where I prepare for concerts.

Photo: Arsen Memetov

"At six in the morning we are all like zombies"

- The road from home to school in Krasnogorsk, where Martha and Artem are studying, takes an hour. It's hard to get up, considering that it is autumn, and we all have not fully entered the rhythm. But this is a matter of habit. Martha's early ascents are harder, but she’s going faster. But Theme, as soon as the alarm clock rings, is already sitting on the bed. It seems that I did not sleep at all. But he can't wash and brush his teeth in two minutes. I understand him. Anyone at six in the morning feels like a zombie. I do not stand behind him with a stick and do not scream. In general, in order for the children to feel adequate in the morning, they should be put to bed at 21:30. If you do not get enough sleep, then at nine or even half past eight.

Photo: Arsen Memetov

Children are the same people, but still small. And if in ordinary life you do not approach each other, you can part, but with children it will not work. Therefore, it is necessary to negotiate in any situation. On the other hand, the older the children, the more I see their features in them. In March - a strong inner core, willpower, spirit, depth of character, nobility. In Artyom, vulnerability, subtlety, and some sense of insecurity, which in fact are in me too much, are read.

Photo: Arsen Memetov

You can be rich and unhappy

- Artem, like me, was transferred talent from my father, his grandfather (journalist Sergei Kulachenko. - Note. "Antenna"). In comparison with Martha, he is more creative and organizer of their ploys. But the son and daughter are only eight years old. And every minute the situation can change. If someone told me at this age that I would write songs, I would be surprised. I liked reading books and climbing fences, and I composed my first song at 19. Artem goes to boxing, Martha goes to tennis. Both have swimming, music school and theater group. I always want them to free up time, but all the lessons are important. By no means am I trying to raise little geeks, musicians or swimming champions. Let them try everything and choose what they like. I see my mission as a parent in bringing them up with free, happy people. After all, you can be mega-talented, rich, but miserable. I want them to have a feeling of inner harmony, happy families, a favorite thing. It is not necessary to be a star and conquer the world. I will be glad if they choose the profession of a diver, doctor or architect, the main thing is for them to get high.So I tell the children: I have my own way, it’s in music, and you are looking for yours. I do not believe in clannishness.

Photo: Arsen Memetov

And go shopping!

- The older I get, the more clearly I understand that it is the family that makes me alive. So we met with you on Monday, and I spent Sunday with the children - I feel renewed and like born again. The family should have traditions: go on a visit to grandmother, stick dumplings before the New Year, set the table together. No matter how busy, every Sunday we have - my mother's day.

We are almost all three of us all the time, but with Martha we have “girl” business. I remember, with my daughter, son and three of their classmates went to the "Star Wars" in the cinema. The film, to put it mildly, did not impress me, and already in the fifth minute I whisper to my daughter: “Let's go and choose a book or a dress for you”. She: "Come on." They left the boys to watch shooters, while they themselves were shopping. Once in front of the school I took her to my bathroom and said: “Choose a perfume.” Put on the table two to choose from. She “listened” to both of them and sprinkled with the fact that she was more tender, and I was so pleased that she already had a good taste.

Photo: Arsen Memetov

Martha learned to read early and at three years overdid the books a bit and spoiled her vision.She is extremely cute and wearing glasses, but I still often say to her: “How do they go to you!” Or “What a beauty you are!”, Although I know that she never had any complex. Or when we are secret with her, I ask: “Do you like boys?” She: “This is not important, the main thing is that they like me.” It already has this feminine self-esteem, inner self-confidence.

In Artem I try to cultivate generosity. Yes, a man should be partly the owner, but there have never been miserly family in our family. In those days, when my parents and I lived in Chukotka, and my father was delivered a box of orange juice with a total shortage of fruits in our region, we distributed it all. If the son is a miser, I just don’t know what to do with him. Chance to turn into Plyushkin he simply does not have!

Not dice happiness

- You can exhaust yourself with diets, be killed in the gym, but to be useless. I treat my body, the diet with healthy self-discipline. I do not exhaust myself, but I don’t eat donuts for the night either - I eat maximum one. I am engaged in elementary physical culture. I used to go to boxing, but now there is no time. Talking about diets and counting calories is the most commonplace for a woman.I know that people love me not for the cubes on my stomach. In general, I realized that I had already reached the state when I was absolutely happy. I am free, I have favorite children and business.

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