Volume card heart do it yourself

Volume card heart do it yourselfA close person always wants to present only the most interesting gifts and original cards. Are you tired of ordinary verse greetings and want to do something truly creative? We offer you a simple master class on creating a volumetric postcard of hearts with your own hands.


Your boyfriend will be delighted with such a presentation. 3d hearts look romantic and stylish at the same time, they surprise with their singularity.


At first glance it may seem that creating such a miracle at home is unrealistic, but in reality everything is very simple. Of course, the main thing is to know the special secret of manufacturing. Only 8 simple steps and you will quickly make a creative hack for your loved one.


Necessary materials:


  • colored paper, dense sheets of bright shades are best suited;
  • leaf in a cage;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • stationery knife;
  • glue;
  • the envelope.


Postcard heart do it yourself - step by step instructions


Volume card heart do it yourself


1. The first thing to do is draw a stencil.You can print it in the required size using the already prepared scheme. But if the printer is not at hand, the stencil can be created independently on a regular sheet in a cage. And then carefully transferred to a sheet for a postcard. Cut off the extra edges so that the paper takes on the desired shape.


Volume card heart do it yourself


2. Put a piece of paper on a hard surface, it is advisable to secure it so that it does not move when cut. Now look at the picture: where all the yellow-black lines are shown, you need to cut through the paper. In this you need a clerical knife. If you do not have one, take a pair of scissors or a blade, but use it with extreme caution.


3. The third step - in places where the photo shows yellow lines, the paper needs to be bent. Iron the sheet several times to make clearer bends. In hard-to-reach places, use a pen or thin stick. Bent parts should be inclined at a 90 degree angle. The very first bend is in the center of the leaf.


Volume card heart do it yourself


4. All the lines marked in green in the picture, you need to carefully bend at a right angle to yourself.


5. Bend and straighten the postcard several times; the 3d heart should fit nicely in its center.


Volume card heart do it yourself


6Take a piece of bright colored paper a little larger and stick it on the outside of the postcard to make it more durable.


7. If you want to add confetti, just cut out the small squares from colored paper and put them in a beautiful envelope.


Volume card heart do it yourself


8. Put the card in the envelope for confetti. Your wonderful craft is ready.


Having learned the secret of how to make a 3d heart, you can easily create an original postcard for your loved one. And with its help, express warm and tender feelings of love.


Such a card itself looks quite creative and does not require any special decoration. But if you still want to make it even more original, there are several ways of decorating.


Volume card heart do it yourself


How to decorate a postcard 3d heart


  • the easiest option: write in a beautiful hand a few pleasant words;
  • add interesting ornaments to your heart, zigzags, various geometric figures will look especially cool;
  • make a background image on the card itself;
  • paste your photo on the heart;
  • decorate the card using spangles or rhinestones;
  • Stick a beautiful picture from the outside.


Volume card heart do it yourself


But remember that the main thing is not to overdo it, so that the card does not look too catchy. One or two additional elements will decorate it, but more - they can spoil the whole effect. After all, the 3d hearts themselves cause delight, no need to hide them behind a large layer of sparkles.


Sure, this product will surely please your loved one. Therefore, if you want to pleasantly surprise and please him, feel free to start creating your own version of a postcard with a volumetric heart.

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