Timati almost fell victim to the shark

The rapper decided to tempt fate.

35-year-old Timati, as it is known, loves only extreme rest, so whenever she tries, she tries to leave the bustle of Moscow in order to surrender to the steep waves. The musician has repeatedly said that he is an avid surfer, and the board helps him to relax. And during the sport, Timati not only catches adrenaline, but also tests himself for strength.

This time, in order to tickle the nerves in the Maldives, he plunged into the Indian Ocean in flippers and a mask and found himself a few meters away from the real shark. The partner of the rapper managed to make a shot of this dangerous immersion in water. And, by the way, in the picture Timati does not show that he was frightened.

Photo: @timatiofficial

“I was warned by the locals that the shark tours were no longer carried out, not because of the attacks on divers, but because several people died of a heart attack at the sight of a shark. I did not believe them, but in vain ... "- the rapper signed a photo with a shark on Instagram.

Internet users, seeing the post, could not contain their emotions: “The most courageous photo”, “Now I wonder what happened next after this photo?”, “Eerie.”

And one of the fans of the rapper decided to defuse the situation, wrote a funny comment: “Easy, guys. Timati just decided to treat the shark with a juicy burger. ” The young man, of course, was referring to the fact that the rapper is the owner of the Black Star Burger burger.

By the way!

A few days earlier, Anastasia Volochkova also risked her life for a good shot. To surprise fans, the ballerina decided to sit on the splits on the edge of the cliff ... Read about itHERE.

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