Time management for the grower

The less time you spend outside the city, the more time you take to get in touch with nature. If you go to the cottage only for the weekend, then take at least 3 hours of this communication.

What do I mean by communication with nature? This is contact with the outside world with all known feelings (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell). Every day, go to your site barefoot and touch each plant, talk to him. Chew the dill off the garden bed, pick a berry. Believe me, as well as indoor and garden plants need it. Plants from this grow better. But first of all you need it. After all, for this you have a piece of land. Listen to the birds singing. Play with your beloved dog.

The second priority that needs to be given time is communication with the family. Schedule for each day at least an hour for a joint event. It can be a visit to a beautiful place in the area, tea with neighbors or playing with children. Options for activities are many.Plan them in advance. Do not forget to take a picture of these moments as a keepsake.

The third priority in the country, to which I devote at least 3 hours a day (if you live outside the city, then 1.5 hours is enough), this is garden work. I usually break this time into two pieces. My work is scheduled in advance. For this, I keep a diary, where I write down all the planned and done work. These three hours I have painted, as a work schedule, according to all the rules of time management. For drawing up the work plan I use the calendar of the dacha.

The fourth priority is household chores (cleaning, cooking ...). On this, too, it is necessary to make a list in advance and try to do these things when the weather is not indulging.

Tip: do not watch TV in the country, do not play computer games.

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