Time management: how to find time for everything and not go crazy

55701f35c8c1cccc08a3a92962a34332Sometimes there are so many things that we just don’t know what to undertake! Everything needs to be done well, and everything needs to be done urgently. Once again, when we find ourselves in such a situation, we complain about our own disorganization. After all, this situation could have been prevented by doing a part of the business in advance or by asking for help on time.

No wonder that we are so unpredictable when it comes to planning time - after all, we are not taught time management at school. Meanwhile, it would be worth it! After all, nothing complicated in it. And people who, as it seems to us, do everything by magic - in fact, they simply know the fundamental principles of planning their time.

In this article we will lift the veil of secrecy and tell you about some of them.

№ 1. Learn to relax properly.

The best rest is a change of activity. You can stay productive all day and not feel tired if you regularly switch from mental to physical work and back.If you fill out forms or print documents for several hours, switch to another job, for example, vacuuming the floor or making dinner. The alternation of such work will not reduce your productivity, and will help avoid emotional burnout.


# 2. Set priorities

Make a to-do list for the next few days and note in digits the degree of importance or urgency. Start with the most important ones, moving through the list gradually. This will help to stay focused and not panic.


# 3. Separate large parts into several small stages.

If one big thing looks scary, then being broken into small practical steps, it will become completely safe and will no longer seem difficult.


№ 4. Do not postpone minor unpleasant things for later

If you need to take books to the library, call a scandalous customer or order stationery in the office - do it right in the morning. Such small unpleasant duties and want to postpone until later and focus on something more important. However, they will disturb you, taking away your attention and strength, because you have to keep them in mind all day. Easier to do and forget.


No. 5Clear the workspace

It is very important that you do not distract while working. Best of all, if the desktop will be only the most necessary things, and in the browser of the computer will not be in the most prominent place to hang icons of social networks. Save your energy and do not waste it on trifles. You should not place souvenirs or photos on the table - they absorb a lot of attention that can be spent more effectively.


No. 6. Turn off the phone

Get into the habit of turning off the phone or turning off beeps when you are working. In these few hours, nothing will happen, and you will be able to call back when you are free. But constant calls or messages distract you, reducing productivity, and thereby slowing down the process of work. Take care of your own comfort, because if you do not, who else will do it for you?



These were the basic principles of time management that will help you to keep up with everything and not overload yourself!

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