Tip 2: 5 mistakes that can break

Sometimes it seems that the relationship with your loved one will last forever. But life itself puts everything in its place. Sometimes even the most insignificant reason is enough to break up in the end. So what should be avoided in a relationship?
5 errors that can lead to rupture
1.Put the smartphone away
Do you know the situation when you came with a person to a long-awaited meeting, and he doesn’t let go of his mobile phone, every second checking messages in social networks? Not a very pleasant situation. If you had a free evening, put the phone away, forget for a while about your favorite computer game and chats. It is better to devote precious spare hours to your soul mate.
2.Live your life, not a stranger
Yes, you are together now, you are crazy about each other. But this does not mean that now you need to spend together every moment. Live your life too, do not dedicate all your free time to your loved ones - you need to rest from time to time from each other.
3.Avoid talking about your ex
“Here is my ex who was able to repair computers, and you ...” - it’s not very pleasant to hear such things in your address, right? Try to pick a different, more interesting topic for conversation, or at least do not compare your partner with his predecessor.
4.“I can’t read your mind!”
Especially this point applies to girls who are able to more accurately and quickly notice some subtleties. Men for the most part do not have the same excellent intuition. If you want something from your young man, tell him directly about it. And do not blame him if the poor man misinterpreted your hints.
5.Do not require too much
They say love is sacrifice. But don’t donate to everyone and not always. If your loved one has not done something for you, it does not mean that he does not love you. The reasons can be great variety. Therefore, before you start blaming your partner, put yourself in his place and think carefully about how you would act in this situation.
Relationships are not at all simple. You need to be able to understand, adapt, make concessions, ask for forgiveness, and this is not a complete list.Be attentive to each other, and then, probably, your relationship will last as long as you want.

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