Tip 2: The Kremlin Diet for Travelers

������Unfortunately, nowadays there is enough information, flowing from one source to another eventually loses its relevance and importance. Changes the content of articles, their form, information is not checked. But when you are planning a trip, any details may be important to you. Below is a list of resources where you can get first-hand information.
1. The official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (www.mid.ru).
It reflects all the information about relations with other countries, and by clicking on the link "For going abroad", you will get access to information on all countries, visas, transport connections, the situation inside the country and the recommendations of the Foreign Ministry.
2. Site Travel.ru is a platform for communication of thousands of travelers. This way, you can find information about a specific country, photos, and impressions from other people's travels.However, keep track of publication dates, as information published long before your viewing may be out of date. Here there are links to purchase tickets, hotel reservations, as well as other useful information.
3. The Vinsky Forum (www.forum.awd.ru) is the same platform for travelers to communicate, but there is more information and communication here. Here you can find tips on what to take with you on a trip, find travel companions.
4. Sites for booking and buying tickets:
www.kayak.com - searches for specified destinations on more than 200 sites, and the weekend flight button will help you see ticket offers for the desired city and price analysis for the next 4-5 weekend dates;
www.momondo.com - a site for searching low-cost, which compares the prices of more than 600 sites;
If you are going to visit Asian countries, then there are no competitors at the site www.airasia.com, which will find you cheap flights between countries.
5. For booking hotels other than the acclaimed www.booking.com, you can use the website www.airbnb.ru, which allows you to search for accommodation from other people in other countries. At the same time, you have a decent alternative to the hotel accommodation option, the opportunity to meet and find friends in other countries.As for the booking procedure, the site administration has put it on the proper level and monitors it. You can also rely on the rating of the owner and the impressions of the people who have already visited him.
The site www.tripadvisor.com contains a lot of useful information on booking, including price comparison across several booking sites.
To search for hostels, you can safely refer to the sites www.hostelbookers.com and www.hostelworld.com, and the first one here is out of competition. Photos, reviews and other information are also available.
6. The site www.onebag.com is a great helper for those who cannot pack a suitcase. Here you will find information on how to find a place for things, how to make luggage easier and other useful and necessary information.
Of course, the information network is developing and it is very difficult to keep track of all the changes. Perhaps you are going to find something new and fresh when going on a trip. However, we advise you to make sure one thing - in the veracity of the written information. Compare information from various sources and, of course, contact the official.
Have a nice trip!

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