Tips for summer residents: when it is wiser to plant potatoes

As soon as the soil warmed up more than 10 degrees and the dandelions began to blossom, it’s time to take the shovel.
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It is better to use prepared potatoes. Tubers stand in the light of 10 days. Then once a week we spray. Good results are obtained by spraying tubers with stimulants (for example, “Epin-extra”, “Ribav”) and bacterial preparations: solutions of humates (for example, “Gumi”, “Ideal”), extract of algae. Before planting, immerse the tubers for 30 minutes in a warm solution with potassium permanganate (1 g), copper sulphate (10 g), zinc sulfate (10 g) and boric acid (10 g) (per 10 l of water) or spray from a spray bottle. We plant the tuber in its entirety, but it can also be saved — divided into 2–3 parts, but so that each part has at least three eyes. When cutting the tubers we dip the knife into the potassium permanganate solution. In the hole when planting add ash. The depth of planting should be equal to two sizes of tuber (6−8 cm of land above the tuber), growth buds up. We make a landing no closer than 25–30 cm from each other, a row from a row - 50–70 cm.

One method of planting is in mixed culture. It can be used in small areas - another crop is planted in the aisle, thanks to this neighborhood, the potatoes are less sick and can grow longer in one place without reducing the yield. Good partners for potatoes are spinach, string beans and beans. Legumes enrich the soil with nitrogen. Potatoes are combined with cabbage, especially with kohlrabi and cauliflower, lettuce, radish, and corn. Good effect on future harvest and horseradish, especially if you plant it in the corners of a potato plot.

Top dressing and watering

To obtain a good harvest, we spend hilling at least 2–3 times (the potato loves when the earth moves: the stems under the ground give extra tubers). In addition, hilling saves from morning frosts. Correctly spud in the center of the bush, in this case, the crop is increased by 1 kg from the bush. At the center hilling, a sprawling bush receives more light and nutrients.

If fertilizers have not been applied since autumn, we apply additional fertilizers when irrigating with nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer in combination with humates until the buds appear in the plant, and after - with potash complex fertilizer.In the dry summer we conduct regular watering.

If it is not possible to water and fertilize the garden, freshly cut grass will help. She can sprinkle or lay around the bush with each mowing lawn. This method will retain moisture in the soil and provide nutrients to sprouting tubers.

Pest control

To scare the Colorado potato beetle, coriander, nasturtium, tansy, tagges (marigolds) are planted next to the field, nasturtium - similar ecological methods are now in vogue. But you can use insecticide preparations. “Prestige” has proven itself well - when soaking tubers before planting, beetles fly around your field. There are other means - Aktara, Sempai, Bankol, Decis Extra, Regent, Konfidor, Corado, Sonnet, Mospilan. Adhere to the consumption rate specified in the instructions. Exceeding the dosage will not give the best effect, but it can lead to the accumulation of harmful substances in tubers and in the soil.

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