Tom Cruise started Instagram and you should subscribe to it.

This week Tom Cruise decided to take on the mission, which at first glance may seem impracticable. Actor ... late, but still started a page in Instagram. Now he has nothing to do: learn how to take selfies, figure out stories and live, of course, gain a couple of millions of subscribers so that he is not ashamed in front of his colleagues. Although the latter, Tom has almost succeeded: in a couple of days, more than 700 thousand people subscribed to his page (this is already two times more than that of his former wife Nicole Kidman, who joined Instagram on January 8 of this year).

Tom Cruise Post (@tomcruise)Jan 25, 2018 at 5:03 PST

Tom Cruise Post (@tomcruise)Jan 26, 2018 at 6:00 PST

Tom treats his page carefully. Unlike other stars, he added a deciphering inscription in the profile. "Actor. Producer. I am acting in a movie since 1981, ”he modestly signed and laid out the first three photos, all from the shooting of the sixth episode of the movie Mission Impossible, which will be released in July. To collect more likes, Tom decided - no,Do not show your torso, unfortunately! - steeper: he demonstrated the tricks from the new movie, from which breathtaking even in photographs. As we know, the actor performs all the jumps himself, without the help of stuntmen.

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