Top 10 best dandruff shampoos

Dandruff is an unpleasant problem that makes many men and women survive and complex. And to solve it, you need to choose and use a truly effective tool. Find out which one is right for you.

Why does dandruff appear?

The main reason for the appearance of dandruff is the activity of fungi. They settle on the scalp and provoke the development of a number of symptoms, such as desquamation and dandruff formation, itching, increased activity of sebaceous glands and oily hair, and so on. And in order to eliminate such manifestations, it is necessary to act precisely on the cause. But symptomatic therapy will also be superfluous.

How to choose a suitable shampoo?

Which shampoo for dandruff? When buying, be guided by the following criteria:

  • Hair type Be sure to consider it, because if this factor is not taken into account, then you will not solve the problem and probably aggravate the situation and worsen the condition of the hair.
  • Composition. Many, looking at him, will see only incomprehensible names.But the components most commonly used for the manufacture of anti-dandruff agents can be divided into several categories. The first is antifungal substances that directly affect the cause of dandruff and destroy fungi. These include such as ketoconazole, clotrimazole, bifonazole. The second category - exfoliating components that help to cope with the main manifestation, that is, dandruff. Usually for such purposes are used salicylic acid, sulfur. The third group of substances is antibacterial, affecting bacteria (often they “coexist” with fungi). This is, for example, zinc pyrithione. The fourth category - substances that reduce sebum production: selenium sulfide, zinc. It is also worth mentioning the anti-inflammatory components, such as ichthyol and panthenol. They normalize the condition of the scalp, which is often required for dandruff. Another group - natural plant substances, which allow to speed up the process of recovery and provide gentle care for hair and epidermis. Useful properties are birch tar, decoctions of chamomile, calendula and nettle, tea tree extract, burdock and so on.
  • On sale you can find products designed for men and for women.The difference is usually unprincipled, since the causes of dandruff are the same. But women's hair and scalp, as a rule, require special care, and some manufacturers, taking this into account, produce separately male and female shampoos.
  • It should be noted that specialized medical shampoos can be purchased only at a pharmacy, they are not sold in regular stores.

List of popular and effective shampoos

Below is an overview of the best dandruff shampoos. The most popular among them are:

  1. Keto Plus is made on the basis of antifungal ketoconazole and zinc pyrithione, which improves the condition of the scalp and eliminates the main symptoms of dandruff. The consistency of the product is quite thick and slightly viscous, the composition has a pink shade and a pleasant light smell. The drug is used not only for seborrheic dermatitis (as in medical practice is called dandruff), but also for other dermatological diseases, the pathogens of which are yeast-like microorganisms (for example, for chromophytosis).
  2. "Algopiks" - a multicomponent shampoo, as part of which you can find salicylic acid,having a peeling and anti-inflammatory effect; eliminating excess sebum and inhibiting the activity of juniper tar fungus; improving the nutrition of hair cells and the epidermis of microalgae. The instructions indicate that it is desirable to use the drug as part of complex therapy, but if you use it exclusively, the effect will be noticeable. In the first 14 days of treatment, shampoo is applied three times a week. You can then use it once or twice a week.
  3. "Squafan S" is a keratoregulating agent that allows you to cope with dandruff, and in acute forms, that is, with severe symptoms. In the composition of this shampoo several substances. Climbazole and miconazole have a pronounced antifungal effect, that is, they prevent reproduction of fungal microorganisms and destroy them. Salicylic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps to effectively and gently exfoliate the scales formed. Red juniper oil relieves inflammation, soothes itching, eliminates irritation. Resorcinol has keratolytic, that is, exfoliating properties.
  4. Nizoral is a healing shampoo, the main active ingredient of which is ketoconazole. This component has a mycostatic and fungicidal effects, that is, inhibits the process of reproduction of fungi and destroys them, which allows you to eliminate the cause of dandruff. In addition, the symptoms of this disease are eliminated: increased desquamation, itching, dry skin. The tool is applied to the scalp and washed off after 5 minutes. Requires two applications per week. The cost is quite high, it is about 400 rubles for a small bottle of 60 milliliters.
  5. "Sebosol". The main active ingredient of this tool is ketoconazole. It eliminates all manifestations of seborrhea, and also directly affects the cause of its development, that is, fungal microorganisms. To achieve the effect, it is enough to wash your hair with a means once a week. The composition foams and aged for five minutes, then washed off with water.
  6. "Fitoval." Shampoo has anti-seborrheic and anti-inflammatory effects. It contains ciclopiroxolamine and a special zinc-PT-S complex, consisting of an extract of white willow and zinc pyrithione.During the tests, it was found that such a combination inhibits the growth of fungi. There are also anti-inflammatory properties that eliminate irritation and itching. And white willow extract stimulates peeling of seborrheic crusts.
  7. "911 Tar". The main component of this shampoo is tar, and it has antifungal, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, which allows to eliminate both the main manifestations (formation of scales, itching, peeling, irritation of the scalp) and the causes of dandruff. At the same time, the hair condition improves due to the components of the caring components: coconut oil and glycerin.
  8. Sulsena. The main component of this shampoo is selenium disulfide, which helps to normalize the production of sebum and accelerate the exfoliation of the resulting scales (that is, directly dandruff). Also in the composition of lemon and salicylic acid, which have an anti-inflammatory effect and cleanses the scalp and hair. The instructions say that the main purpose of shampoo is to prevent the appearance of dandruff, but numerous reviews prove that the treatment is also effective.
  9. "Bioderma Node DS +". The basis of this tool is a specialized patented complex that has an impact in several directions. It suppresses the activity of causative agents of seborrheic dermatitis, normalizes and regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, eliminates desquamation and itching, stops inflammation and significantly improves the condition of weakened and damaged hair. The course of treatment lasts three weeks, the multiplicity of application is three times a week.
  10. Anti-dandruff Shampoo Shampoo contains zinc, thyme extract and ketoconazole, which allows you to suppress the growth of fungi and bacteria, eliminate inflammation and normalize sebum production. To forget about dandruff, it is recommended to use the drug every two days, and the full course of treatment lasts two weeks. It is worth noting that shampoo is suitable for all types of hair and has a very affordable price.

Start the fight against dandruff today by choosing an effective remedy!

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