Top 10 books of 2015 that everyone should read

For every real book lover, a new and, of course, interesting book is a real event. And indeed, a good story, set out in a pleasant language, is capable of absorbing no worse than a colorful Hollywood blockbuster, because sometimes, on printed pages, a whole world is placed full of amazing characters, twisted plots and colorful landscapes.

True, to find such a little book among the diversity of literature is not so easy, every year, every now and then, new creations by modern writers appear on sale, but not every one of them can be called worthy.

If you want to stay up to date with new books or just look for something interesting to read at your leisure, then in our top 10 best books of 2015 you will find exactly what you need. So, let's begin.

  1. “I Confess,” Jaume Cabre. This novel from the Spanish writer Jaume Cabra saw the light back in 2011, however, then it was published only in his homeland.Even then, the novel was called a great literary event, and now, in 2015, “I Confess” appeared in Russian and other languages ​​of the world. The story tells of old Adria, who lived 60 long and difficult years. It is at this age that he learns on himself what Alzheimer's is and until his memory has completely left him, decides to write a farewell letter to his beloved about his strange life, which is tightly connected with his father's mysterious and ancient fiddle.
  2. "To the very ends," Chuck Palahniuk. Another creation from the author of popular books "Fight Club" and "Choking", which confidently confirms the ticklish reputation of "the king of the counterculture." It's about a simple girl Penny, who did not develop with her personal life, but who suddenly finds herself in a very ambiguous relationship with a billionaire and a perverted lover, Linus Maxwell. As it turned out later, he needs their relationship for the development of intimate toys, which will then be sold in his network “To the very ends” boutiques. How will this end for Penny?
  3. "Dark mysteries", Gillian Flynn. For sure, many people have learned about this author by the acclaimed bestselling book “Disappeared” that year.The novel will reveal to readers the secrets of a 24-year-old: it was then that a fifteen-year-old teenager committed the brutal murder of his own family. Libby, who at the time was 7 years old, miraculously survived and now, after so many years decides to meet with his brother, who was sentenced to life imprisonment.
  4. "Colorless Tsuku Tadzaki and his years of wandering", Haruki Murakami. In the center of the novel is an interesting lonely man who is desperately trying to understand why his life began to take shape completely wrong 16 years ago. In order to sort out his torments, he sets off in search of his past, overcoming problems and obstacles along the way, eventually finding the path of his own happiness.
  5. Una and Salinger, Frederic Begbeder. The book under the tag "18+" is dedicated to the novel of the daughter of the popular playwright Una and the young writer Jerry Salinger. Their bright relationship lasted only a short time, separated by the Second World War, young people will not be together anymore: she will become the wife of a great actor, and he ... He will return from the front and learn to live without it, after which he will soon create his famous creation “Over the precipice rye. "
  6. “The third humanity. Voice of the Earth ", Bernard Verber. A deep work of art, which, like other books by the author, makes you think about a lot and even find some answers to your questions. According to many book lovers, it is really worth reading.
  7. "Principle Polina", Didier van Covelart. The novel is from a French author who will reveal a very interesting and romantic story to the reader - about love and friendship, about how sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between these concepts, and what, sometimes, blind loyalty can bring.
  8. “September Roses”, Andre Maurois. The novel of the famous French writer, which was released in Russian only in 2015. The author, known for his high-quality biographical creations about the life of Dumas, Balzac and Hugo, this time will tell about the tender and fascinating story of another writer.
  9. "The Girl on the Train," P. Hawkins. A fascinating detective who confirms - not everything is as it may seem. The main heroine of the book every day watching the life of "ideal" spouses from the window of the train, you can think that they have everything you need for complete happiness. But one day she sees how in a cottage of "ideal" spouses there is something shocking, and the next day the ideal spouse disappears.The book very quickly became a bestseller and acquired a lot of positive reviews from respected critics.
  10. “Marina”, K. Ruiz Safon. According to the author himself, this is his favorite and best novel. The book will take the reader to Barcelona in 1960, it is there that we will meet the main character Oscar, who one day will meet a mysterious local legend named Marina.
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