Top 10 highest-rated TV shows in cinema history

Do you like TV shows? Then you probably revised a huge amount. And which series are the most popular and rated, deserving the universal love of viewers and rave reviews? Let's find out!

Top 10 highest rated TV shows in film history:

  1. "Friends". This series made millions of viewers around the world smile and laugh and gave fame and fame to almost all actors who took part in the shooting. A total of ten seasons came out, and the first appeared on the screens more than twenty years ago, immediately gaining incredible popularity and universal love. In the center of the plot are six friends: Phoebe, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Rachel. Three girls and three guys live next to each other, are friends, have fun together, solve problems together and share secrets. All of them often fall into ridiculous situations, and sometimes fall in love. It would seem that everything is simple, understandable and trite, but presented with such sweet humor that the series becomes one of the most beloved from the very first minutes of viewing.Laughter and positive emotions are guaranteed!
  2. "Game of Thrones". This incredible fantasy story, filmed based on George Martin's Song of Ice and Flame, has incredible ratings, and fans look forward to every episode. The summer, which lasted almost ten years, is coming to an end, and winter is coming to seven kingdoms, which promises to be cruel and long. At the same time, the struggle for the Iron Throne begins, and the thirst for power forces us to go to extreme measures: betray, weave intrigues, deceive and destroy rivals by any means. But in trying to ascend the throne and rule the seven kingdoms, many do not notice that darkness is awakening. The Great Wall defended the population from the forces of evil, but will it stand now, when the cold weather comes, chaos reigns in the world, and what has recently been a legend takes on real shapes and becomes a serious threat?
  3. "Mad Men". The first series was released in 2007, and the series describes events in America in the 60s of the last century. The plot is built around "Sterling Cooper" - an advertising agency located in the center of New York in the most prestigious area of ​​Madison Avenue.The audience watches the life of the creative director of the company Don Draper, who has earned the fame of an intriguing and skillful manipulator. He has achieved incredible success in his career and reached its peak, but he has to constantly fight back competitors and try to maintain his position and position. Problems in the service and in the family life of the hero arise against the background of events that shook the society of those years and changed the history of the USA. By the way, high ratings are not all merits, the series also received as many as six Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes.
  4. "Lost". This is an interesting series with an exciting plot. A huge liner, flying to Los Angeles from Sydney, crashes in the middle of the ocean. Forty-eight people survived, and they were on the island. The saved ones are well aware that the probability of getting help soon and getting home is small, and the chances of being found are minimal. A general panic begins, but finally you need to pull yourself together, gather your strength and try to do everything to survive. The passengers have their secrets, and the island carries a lot of dangers. The series keeps spectators in suspense every series.A total of six seasons came out, and a breathtaking outcome would make one wonder and experience the most incredible emotions.
  5. "Sex and the City".The series tells about four longtime friends Samantha, Miranda, Carrie and Charlotte. All of them are bright, self-sufficient, having their own views on life and so different. But this does not prevent them from making friends, but, on the contrary, helps to look at problems with different eyes and get out of any situations with their heads held high. They have long crossed the thirty-year milestone and have invaluable experience, but continue to learn from their mistakes. Viewers will be able to enjoy vivid images and sparkling jokes, delve into the most piquant themes and just enjoy viewing. Women learn something new and interesting, and men learn a little better to understand the fair sex.
  6. "Dr. House"- a series about a team of experienced and talented doctors who daily save the lives of their patients. They are obliged to help all patients, to make diagnoses correctly and in a timely manner while remaining people. The protagonist Dr. House, after suffering a muscle attack, walks with a cane, he is closed and cynical, for which his colleagues do not like him.The doctor is devoid of compassion and avoids any communication with patients, but at the same time genius fulfills his duties, solving medical riddles, using refined instincts and developed intuition, improving the brain's capabilities and, of course, saving lives. Dr. House surprisingly combines unsociation, charisma, rude manners, genius and an atypical mindset.
  7. Sherlock. Charismatic and a little strange Sherlock Holmes, whose role was played by talented Benedict Cumberbatch, managed to catch on to many viewers, like his permanent assistant John Watson. This is a modern interpretation and successful screen version of the works of Arthur Conan Doyle. Events unfold in our day in New York. Watson went through a war that left him limping and mental problems. But he was lucky enough to meet a mysterious and ingenious man who brought his brain to perfection and reveals with the brilliance the most complex crimes over which ordinary policemen break their heads. He is approached by the police and the FBI, and he can find answers to any questions. Each series is a separate story, but all the episodes have a link and a common storyline.
  8. "Great War". This is a documentary and historical series that tells about the most significant and changed the course of history events of the Great Patriotic War. The project, created by a talented and skillfully transferring historical moments to the screens by director Valery Babich, was seen by the world in 2010, and the release was timed to coincide with the 65th anniversary of the victory over fascist troops. During filming, 3D graphics, battle reproduction and staged scenes, animation and elements of documentary chronicles were used for realism and accurate information transfer. The series will allow you to travel back to a difficult period for many countries and find out how it all was. High ratings not only in the states of the former Soviet Union, but also abroad prove that the project is more than successful and deserves respect.
  9. "The Soprano Clan". As planned, the protagonist is a kind of modern godfather who acts decisively, thinks quickly and uses “black” jokes that everyone does not understand. The boss of the Italian-American mafia successfully copes with his affairs and solves the problems of the "family" of the mafia, but he cannot deal with his own family.Relations with his wife are extremely complex, children completely disobey and lead to nervous breakdowns with their antics, and my mother constantly "saws" and already tortured the hero with moral precepts and reproaches. Tony Soprano urgently needs help, and he turns to a psychiatrist for her. But how will the specialist understand the situation if the patient cannot tell about all his problems because of the vow of silence "Omerta"? The choice is not easy: to break a promise and be punished or confide in a psychiatrist and reveal all the secrets?
  10. "Twilight Zone". This series, many critics have repeatedly included in the list of the best in the history of cinema, and deservedly so. It began broadcasting from the middle of the last century and, accordingly, was black and white. But this did not stop the creators from exciting the imagination of the spectators, because each episode is a separate fascinating story, the outcome of which may be unexpected or even horrific. The Twilight Zone is an amazing blend of science fiction, horror, drama, thriller and fantasy. In the original original version, the series came out in 1964, then it survived the revival and again attracted attention in 1985, and the latest modern episode was released in 2003.If you want to be in a different dimension, feel an incredible mind game and become entangled in sounds and visions, then start watching!

These were the most rating series of all time.

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