Top 10 most anticipated serials of 2018

Soaps - a special kind of cinema. They can easily compete with even the coolest blockbusters. And all because the pleasure of viewing them stretches for longer. Everyday life is more fun with them, thanks to them you can escape from everyday problems, and get some rest, and while watching numerous episodes, the main characters become close in spirit. What are the directors going to please us in 2018? Let's find out.

Not soap operas uniform

Today, TV shows are huge budgets, exciting special effects, famous actors, and teams of professional scriptwriters and directors who know how to make a quality product. Here is a list of the most anticipated next year's premieres:

1. "Mr. Mercedes" (Season 2). Fans of Stephen King will be delighted. The blood-chilling story of a cop who plays cat and mouse with a killer and tries to find him. And the killer is already preparing a larger crime, because impunity gives him a special courage.Will a detective who has returned from retirement be able to prevent all this? It will be possible to find out in the third quarter of 2018.

2. "Halo".The series will tell about the planet on which the team from the Earth made an emergency landing. They will get acquainted with the population of the planet, which has been in a state of war for a long time. The team will have to become involuntary participants in the battles, without leaving the idea to return home.

The scale of the series is very extensive. So, in the whole five studios participate, and among the directors there is the name of Steven Spielberg, willingly screening the game under the same name.

3. "Blood on the Nile."Hope to see a quality product can and should be, because the financing of the series is not at all scanty - $ 15 million. The plot will be based on authentic events from the history of Egypt. Therefore, the work is conducted by French and Egyptian directors together.

In this realistic tape there is a place for fiction, action movie and real horror.

4. "Conquerors of the depths."If you see the name “Sazheni”, know that this is one and the same movie. Despite the fact that the amount of investment in the shooting is not so great, before the audience promises to appear a series of fascinating events that occurred under the water. After all, a person has always been interested in what is there - in the depths.But she, as it turns out, is fraught with not only interesting, but also very dangerous things.

5. "American crime history."The release of the second season of the series is scheduled for 2018. He talks about the most high-profile crimes committed in the United States. And the second season will be devoted to the murder of the famous fashion designer Gianni Versace.

The undoubted plus of the “American crime history” is that each season is a separate story, so you can not strain yourself to revise the previous series to understand what is at stake.

First, the role of Donatella - the wife of Versace, was to play Lady Gaga, but the writers decided to give preference to Penelope Cruz.

6. Atlanta.The premiere of the third season of this series is expected in the coming year. I must say that the previous two seasons have acquired extraordinary popularity, and even surprised many film critics. A well-combined comedy with elements of drama will continue the story of two brothers, rappers, people from Atlanta, who dream of capturing the big stage.

Only here their goals are actually different - one simply gives himself to the music, and the second tries to make money on it.

7. “Chinese Odyssey. I will love you for a million years. ”Here the viewer is waiting for a truly incredible "picture". Colorful costumes, ethnic traditions and genuine emotions will make the project really picturesque. Film critics are also eagerly awaiting his appearance on the screens, because you so want to know whether the Chinese-made series will become a worthy competitor to the European product.

The story of Pandora's box that takes an ordinary guy to the past, where he becomes the ruler. Such a life he likes, but only longing for the real world is becoming stronger every day.

8. “Cheating”. For those who are looking for unusual and interesting subjects, this will be a godsend. He's about how an illusionist from Las Vegas, whose career was destroyed because of a scandal, begins to work with the FBI. He helps in the disclosure of unusual crimes, and very successful in this matter.

9. "Lost in space".A fantastic picture tells about the space colonists who, having lost their course, are forced to remain on an unfamiliar planet. For 10 episodes, viewers can watch the adventures of the Robinson family.

The series promises to be one of the best in the genre of fiction, as the director is Neil Marshall, known for his work on "Game of Thrones".

10. "Game of Thrones."How not to mention her? After all, this is one of the most popular TV shows of the last time. In 2018 promises to appear the final - 8 season. It will be only six episodes, so you should not count on a long pleasure. But in the final season will be shown events that are not in the book series. That's because the plot will be based on the drafts of the saga of “A Song of Ice and Flame”.

Well, the list, as you can see, is quite impressive and promising. This means that in front of them you will meet new characters and events, as well as a meeting with already known characters. Enjoy watching!

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