Top 10 most famous operas in the world

All fans of classical music will probably find it interesting to know which operas are recognized as the best in the world, although, of course, you can discuss this topic for hours. Opera works rightfully occupy an important niche in the branch of musical and dramatic works, they were revered by the most aristocratic circles of our society and, it should be noted, remain popular to this day.

As you know, operas are different - romantic, comic, opera-ballet and so on - however, among them all are those that are recognized as the best of the best. Let's find out what is at stake.

  • La Traviata, Giuseppe Verdi

Opens our top 10 most famous operas in the world "La Traviata", written by composer Giuseppe Verdi. An interesting fact is that the first production, which took place in Venice in 1853, suffered a crushing failure, however, after several modifications, it gained worldwide fame and fame. The opera tells of a beautiful courtesan with an incurable disease, whose life is full of love, intrigue, deceit, late repentance, and even self-sacrifice.

  • “War and Peace”, S. Prokofiev after the novel by L.N.Tolstoy

If you read a book or at least watched a film of the same name, then you probably know what the salt is. Magnificent balls, sophisticated ladies, very young Natasha Rostov, French officers, ordinary people and actions unfolding against the backdrop of the war of 1812. The plan of the opera consists of two parts and involves a show divided into two evenings, however, there is also a special shortened version for one evening.

  • Carmen, Georges Bizet

Perhaps one of the most recognizable works in the world of classical music, melodies and even whole arias from “Carmen” are well-known among the people, they can often be heard in films or even cartoons. The first production of “Carmen” came about precisely in Paris in 1875, and, again, ended in complete failure, it was criticized in tatters, perhaps it was the stormy discussions of the creation that created its future popularity for “Carmen”. After a little refinement, she reappeared on the Parisian stage, after which she continued her triumphal procession throughout Europe, America and Russia.

  • "Lucia di Lammermoor", G. Donizetti

The tragic opera of the Italian composer, which today is one of the best examples of the bel canto style.If we talk about the plot, it will strongly remind Romeo and Juliet, because here, as there, there is a tragic story of lovers, fatal mistakes, warring clans, ardent feelings, madness and bitter death in the final.

  • La Boheme, by Giacomo Puccini

The sincere and tragic history of the seamstress Mimi and her beloved poet Rudolph, which unfolds against the background of the life of the then Bohemian Paris. The work was first published in 1896, today it remains one of the most popular in the world, and arias from it are included in the compulsory concert program of any self-respecting operatic artist.

  • The Barber of Seville, Gioacchino Rossini

Comic and bright opera, which tells about the cunning and witty barber of Figaro. It so happened that Count Almaviva fell in love with the beautiful Rosina, and Figaro with all his strength helps him to achieve the location of the beauty. The work is mischievous and fascinating, full of funny misunderstandings and confusion. The premiere, like that of many other well-known works, was unsuccessful, however, over time, The Barber of Seville began to enjoy great popularity among the viewer, which continues to this day.

  • The Magic Flute, V. A. Mozart

Is it possible to imagine a list of operas in which the name of the genial composer of Mozart would not appear? Probably the most famous and most often performed his opera is the Magic Flute, which was first staged in Vienna. The conductor himself was the conductor! In the center of the story is Prince Tamino, who goes through all the trials and difficulties in order to win the love and favor of the daughter of the Queen of the Night.

  • “The Marriage of Figaro”, V. A. Mozart

Another work by Mozart, which tells about the turmoil of preparation for the wedding of Figaro's valet and the pretty handmaiden of Suzanne A hassle, as it turned out, enough! All this is done in a humorous and very inspiring manner. The opera was first staged in Vienna in 1786, but received full recognition only after it was re-staged in Prague that same year.

  • "Eugene Onegin", P. I. Tchaikovsky

The most famous work of the Russian composer, without which the list of the world's most famous operas would not be complete. “Eugene Onegin” perfectly combines the melodiousness of Pushkin’s words and the harmony of Tchaikovsky’s music, by the way, this is one of those famous operas that has enjoyed rapid success with the audience in the West.

  • "Norma", Vincenzo Bellini

It is called ultraclassics, in particular, the magnificent and extremely complex aria of Casta Diva. The premiere of the opera took place in 1831, in Milan. In our time, few have been able to cope with the most difficult parts of soprano, among them Galina Vishnevskaya and unsurpassed Montserrat Kaaballe.

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