Top 10 most harmful household appliances

Needless to say, modern household appliances have significantly eased and improved the life of a person: what our grandmothers and mothers could spend hours of their time on can be completely done with the help of automated devices.

This is so convenient: while a person is resting, a washing machine for him wipes, unscrews and even dries! A dishwasher will wash the dishes, a microwave will warm up your favorite burgers, and a favorite TV show will be shown on TV. Life is a success! But is everything so cloudless in reality?

Why, in such a facilitated life, we are increasingly plagued by headaches, insomnia and general ailments of the body? Numerous studies of scientists in this field have led them to the conclusion that even the weakest electromagnetic radiation is very harmful and dangerous to the human body.

It turns out that almost every day we endanger ourselves by disturbing the natural bio-energetic balance of our own organism.What household appliances are the most harmful to humans?

  1. Radiotelephone. It turns out that the leading position in our ranking of the top 10 is occupied precisely by the radiotelephone. If old landlines in apartments and houses are already quite rare, radio telephones are still used. When the handset is on the base or just lies somewhere on the table - in fact, there is nothing dangerous about it. The main danger lies in the moment when a person puts the phone to his head, thereby increasing the effect of radiation on the brain to the maximum. That is why you should not get involved in long telephone conversations.
  2. Fridge. Naturally, in modern conditions, living without this device is a real crime, but at the same time, we must not forget that it is sufficiently harmful for our body. No, you can calmly fold and take away the products, but it is better not to approach the back wall much, because it is the compressor, without which it is difficult to invent a modern refrigerator, and is the main source of radiation. This is especially true for models with the technology "No Frost".
  3. Televisions.The top three of our most harmful devices is closed by TVs, which today, like refrigerators, are available in almost every home. The old kinescopic models, which are often found in kitchens or bedrooms, are particularly “harmful”. By the way, modern liquid crystal and plasma panels - although not so harmful, but still at a distance of 40-60 cm it is better not to approach them.
  4. Air conditioning. In the heat and stuffiness it does not save as much as the life-giving power of the air conditioner, however, not everyone knows that it is he, along with the TV, is one of the most "radiating" devices. Of course, you can use it, but it is better to keep at a distance of at least 1.5 meters.
  5. A computer. In fact, the same TV is only in profile, so it’s better to look at the monitor at a distance of at least 1.5 meters and, in no case, do not sit with a laptop in your hands, as many of us prefer.
  6. Table lamp. In fact, an innocuous device, but only if it is used no more than 1.5 hours per day.
  7. Microwave. Despite the fact that all media have “advertised” that a microwave is a very, very harmful household appliance, this is not quite so. It is dangerous only if it is turned on and if it is approached closer than 30 cm.
  8. A vacuum cleaner.Are you surprised? It turns out that this household appliance quickly and easily creates around itself a possible electromagnetic field. In addition, it differs in another unpleasant property: sucking in dust particles, it not only collects them into a bag, but also breaks them into microparticles, which then still remain as a suspension in the air, which we continue to breathe.
  9. Dishwasher and washing machine. We divided the ninth place because of the intense field, which will have no effect on you if you move away from the device by at least 1 meter during its operation.
  10. Mobile phone. Although it has very small waves, it is still better not to use it for more than half an hour per day (I mean it’s on the phone). As in the case of radiotelephones, the risk of brain radiation increases: hence the headaches, insomnia and other health problems.
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