Top 10 most strange professions in the world

2In the modern world who just can not meet. New incomprehensible professions are constantly appearing in the press, which tries to explain who these specialists are and what they do.

But today we are not going to talk about already-familiar video-bloggers or marketers. This article is dedicated to the most unusual and rare professions that really exist. It’s hard to think that you can earn your living too!

Read and be surprised: Top 10 most strange professions in the world!

№ 1. Cat Nanny

Today, cat cafes have become one of the most fashionable establishments for the whole family. They can not only drink a cup of coffee and eat a piece of cake, but also play with one of the many cats living there. This is a great place for those who can not make a pet at home. And it is there that work as a cat nanny, whose duties include feeding fluffy pets and caring for them. Besides. The task of the nanny is to play regularly with cats so that they do not get bored.


No. 2. Snake Droneer

These people collect poisons from the snake, which they then sell to pharmaceutical companies. The poison of a rattlesnake or cobra is added to medicines and antidotes, and they are willing to pay up to $ 1,000 per gram for it.


No. 3. Professional bridesmaids

A wedding is not only beautiful, but also very troublesome! Especially for newlyweds who do not want to get very tired, work professional bridesmaids. They are like fairies fluttering and decorating everything around, make the bride a hairstyle, help you put on a dress and even take care of a beautiful wedding bouquet.


№ 4. Iceberg towers

To prevent a disaster with Titanic from reoccurring, the US authorities organized an International Ice Patrol, whose members monitor the movement of large blocks, help build safe routes for ships and, if necessary, can tow the iceberg to a safe distance.


№ 5. Professional mourners

In Japan, they are hired to attend funeral processions in order to create the right sorrowful atmosphere.


No. 6. Instructor for surfing for dogs

This is a feature of some ocean resorts. There you will be taught surfing not only you, but also your pets.


No. 7Tasters of dog food

It is not strange, the quality of dog food is estimated by people. They draw conclusions about the taste of food, and then spit it out.


№ 8. Professional queue queue

For those who are too lazy to stand in long lines. This is especially popular in the USA when long-awaited products are on sale.


№ 9. The author of the predictions for the "cookies of fate"

Yes, because someone makes these predictions! Companies usually hire freelancers to write these inspiring lines.


№ 10. Chicken sexologists

On some private farms in Japan, people work who manually sort the chickens, separating the males from the females. They do it, relying, on their intuition.


It was a dozen of the most unusual professions of our time. It is hard to believe, but these people really exist and work, fulfilling their everyday important functions.

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