Top 10 Tips to Help Cut the Wedding Budget

A wedding is an event that involves a lot of money. Is it possible to somehow reduce them? Of course, if you follow simple tips.

So, the top 10 ways to cut your wedding budget:

  1. Right place. If you choose an expensive and popular restaurant, you will definitely not save, as in such institutions not only inflate prices, but also in most cases do not make concessions to customers, because the demand is there. But you can cheat a little. Just find some recently opened and little-known cafe. And in order to remain satisfied with the quality of services, first carry out reconnaissance. Come to the institution and order a few dishes, appreciate their taste, as well as the work of the staff. If you are satisfied, go to the administrator and arrange. Most likely, you will not only get a discount, but also be allowed to partially use their products purchased in the store. And this is a significant savings.And if the wedding is planned for the summer, then you can spend it in the fresh air, for example, on the banks of a river or a lake.
  2. Thematic wedding. It would seem, what's the savings? In fact, in many ways, and very significant. First, instead of the classic and expensive wedding dress, the bride will be able to wear a more affordable, but more original dress. The same can be said about the groom. Secondly, not so expensive will be the decorations (and not only for the premises, but also for cars and tables), which, by the way, can be made with your own hands. Thirdly, such an event will be more fun and memorable. For example, you can arrange a Hawaiian wedding. The bride will put on a simple white sundress and sandals, the groom can appear before the guests in shorts and a T-shirt. For decorations, you can use artificial flowers that are inexpensive and are available in many homes. And on the tables will be present a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  3. Wedding dress. If you can’t imagine a wedding without a traditional chic bridesmaid dress, then it’s not necessary to go to a boutique or bridal salon.Even in a regular store you can buy a stunning white dress that will look like a wedding dress, but at the same time more affordable. And if you want to destroy existing stereotypes, then instead of a dress you can buy a suit or even a sundress. In addition, a gorgeous, stylish, original and exclusive outfit can be sewn to order, often it is cheaper than buying a ready-made dress, and then “customized” it to fit your options. Buy a fabric, find a good seamstress, choose a style and get a vivid image!
  4. To reduce spending, reduce the guest list. Since about 60-70% goes exactly to a banquet, then by reducing the number of guests, you can save a lot. Some invite even those who are practically not known and, in general, do not want to see. Include in the list only the most loved and loved ones with whom you want to share your joy. And do not call someone out of courtesy, it's useless.
  5. Bouquet. This inalienable attribute and a very important accessory often costs a lot of money, but you can also try to save on it. How? First, choose seasonal and local flowers.For example, classics that are still fashionable are roses. A more original and affordable option - wild flowers, which, by the way, look very romantic, gentle and sometimes even brighter than roses. Secondly, a stunning and original bouquet can be made with your own hands or with the help of girlfriends. If you do not have enough imagination, find original ideas or watch the training video. Thirdly, buy flowers not in salons, but for gardeners and gardeners. And if there are any among your relatives and friends, then they will certainly want to help you and will provide flowers for free. And, fourthly, a bouquet can be made not only from flowers, but, for example, from leaves, soft toys, fruits and even vegetables. In general, fantasize and create!
  6. Photographer. You should not order a popular, famous and very expensive photographer. It is clear that you want to capture such an important event and get bright and high-quality pictures. But among the beginners, too, there are talented people. Yes, they are not so popular, but their services are much cheaper. And the result can be no worse. But preview the work in advance! In addition, it is not necessary to order a photographer for the whole day, it will be expensive, and photos from the feast are unlikely to be interesting.You can spend the so-called photo walk, in which the newlyweds and their friends will participate. Also do not forget to take a few pictures from the registration and general photos.
  7. Transport. It can also save a lot. So, instead of an expensive and, by the way, not very spacious limousine, you can order another car. It can be a car of a representative class or even domestic. And if there are car owners among your relatives and friends, then you can ask for their help, they certainly will not refuse. In addition, it is not necessary to seat all guests on small cars. So, the bride and groom can sit in one car, and in the other two there will be placed witnesses and the closest. The rest can be moved by minibus. It is more capacious, but no less comfortable (if, of course, to order a modern model).
  8. Hair and makeup. It is clear that any bride wants to shine and be a queen at her wedding. But a chic image can be created with your own hands or, for example, with the help of girlfriends. By the way, now natural is in fashion, so it's not necessary to use eyeliner, bright shadows, several tonal means and blush, pencils and so on.Enough mascara, light shadows, colored lip gloss, tonal tools and light blush. And any girl can certainly use such tools. You can also ask your friend for help. You can also make your own hair. This may be gentle curls or braid. And so that the image was perfect, just practice.
  9. Program. It is not necessary to arrange a "feast for the whole world" with artists and shows. Give up the singer, musicians and other "show-men." Believe me, you will not surprise guests with soap bubbles and live music, for sure they all saw it. One leader is enough. If he is a professional in his field, he will be able to interest, captivate and cheer absolutely everyone. So go to the selection of a toastmaster responsibly.
  10. Start preparation in advance and make a budget. This advice may seem strange, but if you start preparing in advance (for several months or even six months), you can find the most budget options and save. A properly drawn up budget will allow you not to make extra expenses.

Let your wedding be bright, fun and memorable, but not too expensive.

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