TOP-10 unusual spa treatments

Below is a list of the most unusual and amazing spa treatments that we have ever come across. We thought that this list is important because you never know what mood you will be in and what you will want the next time you look for an interesting way to relax. This list is not for the faint of heart, for some items look really creepy.

10. Massage with cacti

Yes, we know what you thought: massage with cactus? According to the Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita, Mexico, this massage will help moisturize the skin and remove harmful toxins from it. The spa provides a cactus massage that will be made with the help of a warm cactus base, tuna or cactus flower and tequila.

Be sure that for this massage cactus needles are removed, so that you will feel much better than you might think. There are many versions of this massage. Also, the spa offers treatments that use local materials:

  • volcanic ash
  • vanilla,
  • honey,
  • chocolate.

9. Beer bath

Czech beer bath is an interesting reference to the milk bath, which Cleopatra made very popular. However, if the milk bath is too simple, then the beer, perhaps, will be to your taste. Czech brewery "Chodovar»Offers a therapeutic beer bath! Since 2006, the brewery has been conducting 20-minute procedures in a special beer bath, which aims to stimulate the internal organs and skin.

While soaking in the bath, you can also enjoy a beer from the brewery. Minerals in water go well with beer, which will be useful for hair, nails, skin and blood circulation. This unusual procedure is performed under the supervision of a nurse specializing in beer therapy.

8. Moisturizing with snail mucus

We are sure that everyone saw the slimy trail left by a crawling snail, but, believe it or not, this unpleasant substance can be used to moisturize the body. Local Chilean farmers specializing in snails noticed that their skin became softer after daily work with snails.

Fortunately, no need to drag your hands and knees along the ground in search of traces of snails, because this moisturizing mucus is offered for sale for only $ 28.99 for a small jar.In addition, snail mucus is a renewable natural resource, as no snail was damaged during the mucus collection process. Just the perfect product, right?

7. Liver therapy

Leeches are known for their use as small blood-sucking parasites. In truth, there are more than 600 species of leeches, however, only 15 of them can be used for medical purposes. Thanks to actress Demi Moore, leeches were used for completely new purposes. Demi admitted that she uses leech therapy as an alternative to other procedures for restoring beauty.

Such therapy can help to clear the body of toxins. The ancient Egyptians once considered leeches as something of a panacea and used them in reconstructive surgery.It works like this: leeches crawl through the body and, before they bite, they swell up, and then their small bodies fill with blood. If you want this treatment, you can start saving money, since this procedure is quite expensive.

6. Thai slaps

Thai slaps - really existing procedure proposed by a masseuse from Bangkok.The procedure includes tingling and light pats on the face, in order to restore the youthfulness of the skin. Thai slaps are aimed at smoothing wrinkles and reducing pores. The price of this procedure is $ 350 for 15 minutes. If you love the thrill, it can be a good treatment.

5. Pedicure done with fish

You may have seen it in some reality show lately, but in fact such a procedure does exist. Turkish salons were the first to use tiny carp fish to bite off dead skin. However, recently this practice has become much more common. Many people believe that this therapy is very calming, despite the fact that at the beginning of the procedure can be felt tickling.

If you are looking for something strange and unusual, and do not mind that your dead skin is gnawed by the fish, this procedure will be ideal. In fact, small fish do not have teeth, so they can not really bite. Do not worry about the pain.

4. Placental-based facial treatment

This practice originated in Singapore from a company that specializes in the treatment of the face with a real human placenta. It is difficult to say where they get the materials for treatment, but maybe we don’t want to know.

There are soaps, tonics and even placental-based face masks. It is believed that such a product will help cleanse the skin and stimulate the brain to more active work.

3. Hair Treatment with Bovine Seed

Yes, you heard it right: treatment of hair with the help of bovine seed. It sounds rather strange, but people actually put it on their hair to make it softer and more radiant. In Santa Monica, Calif., There is a salon specializing in masks for hair from natural ingredients, which offers a bovine seed treatment procedure.

Don't worry: this is real bull sperm. But will anyone use this procedure? Apparently, it involves strengthening the hair and contributes to their growth. This type of therapy is uniquely for courageous people who want to try something new.

2. Bird droppings used for the face

Bird droppings are really amazing applications. Apparently, nightingale droppings were used by geishas in Japan, who once wore bulky white makeup containing toxic ingredients. To protect the skin from the harm done by makeup, geisha made face masks that contained - you guessed it - bird droppings.

In truth, it has some powerful enzymes that can help free the skin from dead cells. They contain something called guanine, which can give a person a wonderful color. Do not worry: litter is subject to sanitization with ultraviolet light.

1. Urine therapy

If you think you've heard everything, hold on to your chair, because the next fact is really crazy. While most try to get rid of urine as quickly as possible, there are those who find it quite another use. Some people, strange as it may sound, love the urinary restructuring properties.

Supporters of this unusual procedure claim that it can help with skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, acne. If you are interested in such a procedure, then the ingredient for it should be collected in the morning, when it has the most effective properties. We bet you just can't wait to do it!

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